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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why? Because. Why! Because I said so! Why? Go ask your dad.

6 am. My youngest child just informed me that one of the chicks got so fat it blew up. He even supplied sound effects for me. He has now put the kitten in a box and carrying it around, squealing with mischievous glee. Is it ever too early?

We have been attempting to get the same amount of things done in a shorter amount of time, due to this fall schedule. New experience will come when I am able to get some of these other projects accomplished. And it doesn't help that I just got another writing job. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about it, but it means less sleep.

It has been awhile, but today is Q&A day. Gotta question about who what when where why? Need a recipe? or just want to know who I think will win in a fight between (insert famous person/monster/animal here) and (insert famous person/monster/animal here). Or even leave a comment about a topic you would like a how to post done on. If I have done it I will tell you about it, the good bad and bloody.

Edited to add. Those of you interested in what Soul Ties are, there is a definition here. I have asked given to expand and explain how we break them.


MommyMommy said...

Ohhh, I love to ask questions!!!
How many acres do you have? How many acres do you plant for your families food?

maggie said...

Is this a lame non homesteading question? Oh well I wanna Know. What Holiday traditions do you have. If you don't celebrate I am interested in that too cause I have often considered it. Anyhow being without all that commercial influence I can imagine that you have found some true ways to instill some holiday memories.

Phelan said...

mommymommy, We live on five acres. We have an orchard on 1/2 acre. Chickens and sheep and goats get close to 1 acre of roaming space, including Barn. Last year our garden was larger then our home, coming in at 2,000 square feet. (I know you asked for planting, but the chickens are important to our diet}

Maggie, actually no, it isn't a lame non-homesteading question. In holiday traditions are you asking just about Christmas?

We do have a comercialized view of christmas, but the reason is long and rather um... I would like to use the word sappy here. Allow me to send you off to a post I did last Christmas for the reason we do buy lots of gifts for our children.

But we also make most of our gifts to others. We do a very tradtional Christmas. Christmas carols, decorating, cookies and Santa are all reminescent of the 1940's around here. {Even have LP's) We also take on one major Christmas decor-a-thon a year. This year we are white trashing it up a bit, by using our saved tin cans, hole punching symbols, like snowflakes into them, and hanging them, lit candles inside, outdoors. We make the chains and write letters to Santa. The letters we then burn so that the smoke will travel to the North pole, and form back into letters in Santa's pocket.

We also have Yule. Something that we recognize from my family heritage, we also incoperate the 12 days. The entire month of december, and part of Jan. is one big celebration around here.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I totally feel for you Stephanie and both are trying to get more things done in a smaller amount of time. I'm sure it doesn't help with safety pins poking you either.

Phelan said...

Thanks. And I will find out soon.

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