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Monday, November 12, 2007

A Saturday Story

I messed up. I will take responsibility for the mistake, I should have had extra batteries on hand. But I didn't and the result of such a mistake means I missed photographing the fertile egg. I will remember the next time we candle eggs.

We woke Saturday morning to this,
2 banny chicks!

I will attempt to get a better picture tonight, when I have help defending myself from the mother.

We also built a rocket this week. Saturday morning we met up with my oldest son's troop. We drove South, close to the state line, and met up with a group called K.L.O.U.D. Busters. They sponsor the event. School groups were there as well. A contest is coming up, and it was the schools first practice launch.

My son's was called the Silver Bullet,getting the rocket ready as it was painted up in Chrome. We discovered later that it wasn't the best choice in in color. It was a very over casted day.

He got the rocket to the launch pad
Launch pad
and. . .

Blast off!
Blast off
you might need to click on it to see it better.

It went straight up into the cloud and disappeared. We waited a bit, watching for the parachute. Other rockets came down, but ours never seemed to. That's when we started hunting for it. We searched the fields for a half hour and eventually found it a quarter of a mile away. My son was thrilled that his went so far.

One of the professional racketeers told us to cut a hole in the parachute, this will keep it from drifting so far. My husband did just that. And we went to launch a second time. Once again the Silver Bullet went straight up through the clouds and disappeared. Other rockets came down while we waited, and waited for ours. We decided to head back to where we found it the first time. And sure enough the hole in the parachute worked! The rocket landed 6 feet away from where it first landed, a quarter mile away!

As we were leaving, we stumbled upon a family cemetery.
It has been long neglected.
Picture 201
The goth girl in me wanted to go roam around and take better photos, but the father in my husband wouldn't let me. He says I would fall into a hole. Spoiled sport.


alrescate said...

Your ole man is a spoil-sport. *grin*

Phelan said...

I was going to write spoiler sport, but that would have earned me *groan*s

Anita said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...








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