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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Bartered Thanksgiving


I wanted to discuss this, or maybe explain it better.

A Bartered Thanksgiving is about community. As homesteaders it is important to have a community, we can not do everything on our own and expect to survive. There are many of us that are isolated from everyone except online. And even though we are unable to physically help each other we can still do things by proxy. And this is the reason for A Bartered Thanksgiving.

When a crop fails, we need to help that farmer out by offering them foodstuff that we have an abundance of. Homesteaders pre-technology did this on a local basis. As a said, we as a online community are unable to do this, and the food credit, the imaginary trading, works in the same manner as if we were there to hand over a bag a flour.

Instead we trade local for local. Like Stephanie and I, she gets to purchase a bag of Kansas flour, while I go hunt down {not literally because I don't hunt. . . yet} a deer.

Also in keeping with the community spirit, for every food credit or barter done with me, I will prepare a dish with that item and take it to a local church to be given to a family in need.

It does a conscience good.

I have flour, honey, pecans, and sunflower seeds and oil to barter. What do you have?

Remember, no real food is switching hands. A food credit is being given. You may only barter food stuff that is locally grown in your area.


Phelan said...

Please leave your barter offers here so that we can find them easily. My offer of a bag of flour for anything you may have abundance of is still available.


Stephanie, I will give you a bag of flour for your Venison. Summer sausage rocks! Stephanie left this comment; Being from a state that ranks 46th in agricultural production, I am afraid we don't have much to offer. Unless you homestead it would be very difficult to find all your food with in a 100 miles from here. It would be even harder for those in Southern WV I would think.

From our own place I could offer rabbit, and hopefully venison.

Please, if you are willing to try your hand at some rabbit or venison for your Thanksgiving meal, or you are willing to give up one ingredient in a dish, let's help her out.

Wren claims to have a ton of pecans in her front yard. She would love to trade for some cranberries or other fruit for them. As all our fruit didn't make it, is anyone else willing to give her some cranberries?

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

The next deer I take (soon) I will save the tenderloin, and you shall have venison fillet mignon.(I recommend you wrap a bacon around it and grill it.) You won't want beef ever again....

Phelan said...

I was given a huge box last christmas. oh my it was nummy!

Anonymous said...

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