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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween equals the evolution of a homesteader

First off I would like to say Hello! And Welcome to the people from the yahoo group dark egg layers. As I am not a member I have no idea what was said about me, but I hope it wasn't too bad.

And a fond hello to those of you coming over from the Original Working Airedale. Scroll down for NAIS info. Also here is a quick update if you insure your animals; Vsurance, Inc. Acquires Animal Tracking Technology, Animal-ID

Today we have been on this homestead for 6 years. Yes, Halloween was our closing day. We moved in before and after the trick or treating. I saw it and still see it as a good sign. How else would a dark metal, old school goth girl see it? Which reminds me, I was watching horror movies and sewing pillows the other day. I find myself in rather absurd predicaments at times, like braiding onions, or shucking corn while listening to Cradle of Filth, wearing combat boots.

I never saw myself in this life style. But when you think about it, it is the perfect one for an anti-establishment type of child. And boy was I that. I blame it on my parents.
me and my parents

Even as a young 'en, you could see the rebellion in my eyes.
oh really?

I acted out against the norm.
I love pigs

Now I am encouraging it in my own children.
they make a mom proud

It has been an interesting life, and homesteading fits it well.


MommyMommy said...

Love the mud picture. Kids do find great ways to amuse themselves, don't they?

Anita said...

Love all the pictures.. Especially the mug
Congrats on your 6 years! I envy you! Maybe we will get there... someday...

Queen Whackamole said...

Happy Anniversoween!

Given55 said...

Even though it has been said the my radio is tuned to a different broadcast than others, you my child are tuned to a frequency yet to be determined.

alrescate said...

My mom's wedding anniversary is today too. *grin*

So are the kids ready to go Trick or Treating?

lisa said...

Love the pictures! I think freedom of expression is all too rare for children...keep up the good work! I'm digging the new template, BTW!

Home on the Range said...

Happy anniversary from one goth girl to another. DH & I closed on our house one year ago today and I too think it was a pretty awesome omen. Out with the old & in with the new. I am taking some special treats home for me & hubby to celebrate after me & jr. make the candy rounds. Hope the years keep getting better.

Mysti said...

Happy Homestead Anniversary! And many more where those came from... :)

Monica said...

I love the pictures and wishing you many more wonderful years at your homestead. :)

ollie1976 said...

love the pics. BTW-I'm moving to NC.

Phelan said...

Mommymommy, they do! And it makes me even more determined to have a "mud" room.

Anita, thank you! don't envy too much, it is a struggle.

QW, thank you!

given, yes mother.

alrescate, congats to your mom! And yes they are, photos and post are up.

Lisa, I agree too. And thank you.

Home on the Range, I love it when other old school goth kids show up and are homesteading. and people thought we were freaks and losers ;)CONGRATS on a year! Have fun with the hubby.

Mysti, thank you!

Thank you Monica.

Ollie ~blush~ NC huh? that will be a change.

Green Eyes said...

Ha! I know *exactly* what you mean by those "absurd predicaments." I often find myself doing things like making out my heirloom seed orders in a trenchcoat. It IS the perfect lifestyle for the "anti-establishment" type, but boy, it does still seem strange sometimes.

I just found your blog, and I'm loving it. :)

Gina said...

Phelan, I love how you explained the connection between us (new) homesteaders and the outcast societal thing (also former goth/alternative, left of center type o' girl ;-)

I loved the imagery of the combat boots!

P.S. been meaning to say I love the new blog look too

Phelan said...

Green eyes, welcome and thank you! I get a kick out of seeing us old school goth kids making something of ourselves instead of falling of into the losedom and criminal world that other's said we would go.

gina, what else would you shuck corn in? ;)

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