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Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend never ends

To some people, a weekend never ending would be a good thing. Not so for me. My weekend projects spill over into the week, and since I do not leave the home for work, I can continue with those projects. My current one is the wattle fence. I moved half of it to were I want it. I also stacked rocks. I have developed new calluses. Guys, if you want a gal with soft hands, don't fall for a homesteader.

I have already began entering seed orders in my garden diary for next year. I know, it is a tad earlier, but you see I have some online friends that rock! Friday, 2 boxes arrived at my house. Inside I found more Laura Ingalls Wilder paraphernalia then I had seen in a long time {a bookmark, cookbook, stamp, book mark, CD, a reader, pamphlets from her house in MO} The box also had a wonderfully soft, crocheted, blue stole. Not to mention the several different books, one on making old fashioned farm equipment. There were several seed packets from Seed Savers, a very cool magazine, herbal balms and soap {even one for tats!} The clock shirt that I mentioned liking from Spraygraphic, a Blue Ribbon cook magazine, and Soy coffee {that I am drinking right now} There was also a gift certificate to Seed Savers, and one for Baker Creek. And another one for the McMurray Hatchery. OH MY!

I have been very out-of-sorts lately. Too many things I am not comfortable with have been happening. This hug box came just in time. It's a great feeling to know you have friends out there, even when you have never physically seen some of them.

And with a little skip in my step, I am off to attempt a completion of those weekend chores.


Simply Amethyst said...

Fabulous friends!!
I love Baker Seeds...
We had planted a whole huge garden full of their seeds, and they were coming up so nicely... After the tornado, the garden was fine but the dozers took it out when they took out the house...
Next spring we will probably still be in this FEMA park, so maybe spring of 2009 I can start again.... *sigh*

Good luck on those chores... :) I haven't moved rocks in a few years... Maybe I should come up and renew a few of those

Phelan said...

sorry to hear about your garden. You are more than welcome to come out here and do some work. :D

alrescate said...

So is the coffee good? Did the t-shirt fit? What seeds are you going to order? Did we send you ones you can use? What chickens are you going to get?


I'm glad you are enjoying your prezzies!

lisa said...

Heh...I know how you feel, but I can only wish my weekend would continue, so "enjoy" completing your projects! ;-)

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