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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I realize that house moving isn't a daily thing. Yet one would think that there would be more than 1 person in half a state that did such a thing. Our local phone book, that covers south centralKansas has 2 businesses listed, yet one is located in S. Dakota. Word of mouth seems to work just fine for one business not listed. I placed a call into that company last week, no word back.

However I did manage to get a hold of one of the local companies. He has been moving houses for 50 years. He drives while his 2 sons and 4 grandsons do all the heavy work. How wonderful. Fist off he wanted measurements. So my husband and I found ourselves back out at the farm house with a 20 ft PVC pipe. The highest point of the house, foundation to peak, is 19 ft. Problem. This height means moving power/cable/phone lines. The truck the house will be moved on will give it another 4 feet. The gentleman on the phone informed me that it might not be worth moving it. But he will be out sometime this month to look at it. Meanwhile he will keep an eye out for other houses that would be good for us.

Did I mention that I want this house?


Wren said...

Our house was about 20' high, maybe a bit more. They moved it just fine. They tied a long board front to back, like an arch over the house. One of the guys rode on top with a pole and they worked right through town. The only problem was the traffic lights and the town workers handled that. I think we had to put up a bond to go through town. The width if the real issue. It has to fit down a city street, if you have to go through any towns.

With all this drilling, there are huge, huge pieced of equipment through town every day. They manage, and some of them are more than 20' high.

If you can get me some info on how wide and how long, what foundation, what is the siding, can the porch be removed and put back on, maybe a footprint of the house, I'll try to track down our housemovers. We seem to have quite a few around here for some reason.

I suspect the King Brothers, if they are still doing it, would just as soon go to Kansas as not.

Or, maybe it would be easier if I collected some phone numbers and sent to you.

Phelan said...

I already have all that info. I can email you. The mover we talked to said that we would have to pay to have the lines moved.

Simply Amethyst said...

Nothing ever works out as well as we want... I always tell myself that if it's meant to be, it will happen... I know, not much consolation, right?
Hope things all work out!

Phelan said...

That's what I keep saying.

april said...

The house is really neat, I hope your able to get it moved. What a giant project. But, what an incredible story for your boys to be able to tell their kids, "The day our house was moved."

Celeste said...

Good luck hun.

lisa said...

I think that house looks really neat, I sure hope this all works out! I like the built-in bookshelves...I want to employ that kind of space-saving tactics when I re-do my place. Those hardwood floors are the bomb!

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