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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unschooling? Homeschooling? Public school rocks!

I seem to be a popular little homesteader this week. The Fool, author of Relationalisms has posted a poem I wrote about Alzheimer's.

I admire you, you have taken a direction that I will freely admit terrifies me. Weather it be homeschooling or unschooling. I am unwilling {this would be the fear coupled with stubbornness} to take all my children's education into my own hands. It is bad enough that I am the role model in the house {my husband as well} I couldn't imagine how messed up I would make my boys. Maybe this is an irrational fear. Maybe it is me being completely selfish. It doesn't really matter because our Public school here rocks!

I have my concerns when it comes to American Public Schools. They have issues. Not to mention I am in Kansas and we have made national news more than once about creationism. Teachers here send notes home with God be with you, or God Bless you, as a closer, but no prayer in schools. They still say the Pledge of Allegiance, the only complaints come from the kids because it is too early in the morning to do it. And all those things do not bother me. Why? Not because of any religious preferences, but because it is a waste of energy to argue about it. The school my children go to teaches. My boys learn and they are thrilled about it. If there is a problem the teachers tell you and work with you to fix it. This is not so with other schools, mine for instance.

This school system allows the children to be kids. Not just tiny grown-up preparing to become CEO's. They learn through play, not lectures. Unfortunately there is this thing call the No Child Left Behind Act that has placed unnecessary pressure on the teachers and kids to memorize textbooks.

With all that said, yesterday was the first day of school here. I know it seems early. I have been hearing that a lot lately. We are a farming community, we have longer breaks {winter/spring, and get out of school earlier then the city schools. They do pay attention to the harvest.

My middle son started Kindergarten. I was worried about the shyness that seems to control him. Sometimes it seems to be physically painful to him. But yesterday it shattered. He loves school, he has a new friend, which happens to be a girl, and no he says she is not cute, just a friend. It was amazing to watch him.

We dropped him off and my 3 year old took it harder then I did. He pouted and whined. He wanted to be with his brother. It was adorably sad.

Today my middle child will ride the school bus for the first time. What and adventure for him.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I think you may not give yourselves enough credit when it comes to being a role model and/or home schooler wanna be. I think you could do if you needed to. It is not that big a deal that you don't.

Phelan said...

Our work ethics are high. A little too high for some of those around us, and it has caused problems. But I am proud of our work horse attitudes. But many of our lifestyle choises are not coveted by the majority of people out there, and I don't want my children to be work horses. I want them to have more choices then that, and I am scard that they will not see those choices by hanging out with us 24/7.

We did have a problem with school last year. But it was resolved. At the time I was close to pulling my oldest out to homeschool. Oh I am sure if push came to shove I would be able to do it. Some of it is selfishness on my part, and fear.

Ginny said...

I do not know that I would call it selfishness. With homesteading, though, you are teaching them many things already. In addition to the 'book learnin'. That is important. What is great, is that you do like your school and are fortunate to have a great school. My children also go to a great school, that is why we do not homeschool. Next year though, my oldest will be going to middle school, and the situation will change, but we will deal with that when it comes. There are times when I think they would benefit so much from homeschooling, but my children are very shy. It is also great that you are actively involved with their public education. Your addititude toward education, either homeschooling or public, will help them succeed. They are fortunate children.

Nimbue said...

It's great that you love your local schools. One thing that does bother me is by the time our children turn five, we are made to feel that we are not smart enough to teach them further. We must send them to a person who went through college. Most of the founding fathers were schooled at home and before them... EVERYONE was taught by their parents and community. Some of the most incredible minds came from a homeschooled background.
Just look at the list. You may be surprised. It's always inspiring to me to see people like C.S. Lewis,Charles Dickens, Einstein, Washington...
We are our children's first teachers. We are apparently smart enough to teach them to walk, talk, eat, count, ABC's, tie shoes, dress themselves, so on and so on... but past that it takes someone who is college educated. Don't underestimate your abilities to give your children an education because you already do. They will remember what you and your husband have given them LONG after leaving public school.
*off my soap box*
Just know you are brilliant and give your children more in the ways of learning than anyone else ever can. *hugs* It is good that you are confident in your school system. Not everyone is that fortunate. I know i'm not..

Nimbue said...

Sorry. See if this works (copy and paste)

Stephanie said...

I am just happy that we all have options in educating our children. We can pick what is best for our family and individual children.

So sweet about his new friend and little brother's reaction~! Glad issues with the oldest are better too!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Wow, you guys do start school early! My son will start Kindergarten in three weeks and I'm a nervous wreck. I'm torn between homeschooling him and sending him to the public school - it's an excellent one, so we'll give it a go.

alrescate said...

I'm so glad that things went well with the first day!

Alexandra said...

We have less than spectacular public schools here...a big reason we are homeschooling. Your schools sound wonderful.

lisa said...

I agree with the other commenters-you could do it if you had to. But I think it's good for kids to be socialized and see what goes on in the world too, if for no ther reason than to learn to deal with it all. (Not that things like that cannot be learned at home, but you know what I mean.)

Celeste said...

We started school 2 weeks ago. I am with you. The school my grand attends is great!

Anonymous said...







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