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Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Local Summer, no camera style

I put new batteries in my camera, and it still doesn't work. Guess it has been dropped one to many times. {I almost went into a rant about needing to buy American, but that's another post} I thought about making a dinner that I have made in the past and have a photo of for work, but that didn't happen, except for dessert.

We ended up having Game Hens with mushrooms, and a salad.

For dessert, we had a Peach Cobbler. The peaches are what I canned last year when we went to a local U-pick-it. Unfortunately they are no longer a u-pick-it because people were destroying the trees, now they are just a small farm stand on their property.


BurdockBoy said...


I just made a peach cobbler a few days ago. They have local peaches at the store, but I want to find out where the stand is so I can buy more to can.

Too bad about your camera, but I don't think a US camera exists anymore.

Hope it's cooling off there. We've had some great temps the past couple of days after a long hot dry summer.

Anonymous said...

Try clicking on the u-picj-it link in this post. They have listings for most states. Yes, I don't think an American made camera exists. Nope, not cooling off, August in Kansas is the worst month. Nice to see you around again.

Anonymous said...

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