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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome to Blogathon 2007!

For those of you that might have forgotten, today is the day where bloggers from all over the world will blog for 24 hours straight, posting anew every 30 minutes, to raise money for the charity of their choice. I am blogging for Farm Aid. So far we have raised $435US for the cause. My hopes are that we can reach $1000US before the 24 hours are up. There is still time to sponsor me!

Sponsors have some great prizes waiting for them. Everyone that pledges will be in a drawing to win 4 ebooks from the New Homemaker, and a very cool cloth bag from the Modern Homestead. The person with the highest completed donation will win 4 tshirts from Spraygraphic and a tshirt and CD from Farm Aid. How can you resist?

I also talked about a bag, didn't I? This very cool bag, which is handmade and huge! can be yours all you have to do is cook me dinner and post a picture of it in comments later tonight. Here's the deal, cook your dinner and take a picture, we got that. For your dinner of anything you will get your name placed in a hat once, cook any type of pasta, the name goes in twice, cook a ravioli, 3 times. Cook my dinner your name will go in 4 times.

And my late night crowd that is geared up for some down home bread making, there is a very cool package deal waiting for you later. These contests are open to everyone.

Now, if you are curious head over to the Blogathon main site, there you will see a few buttons, click on the one that says Surfing Frame, and you will get to see all the blogs that will be staying up with me.

uh oh, better post this before time runs out. I will be back in 30 minutes with a new post. Remember today we are talking food and farms. Got a question? good, because I will need you to keep me going. Remember this is for charity!


Anonymous said...

Morning! :-)

I haven't had any coffee yet.

Anonymous said...

Ms Phelan

My client bobbarama informs me that you are participating in this year's Blogathon.

I feel compelled to reiterate my warning from last year that any attempt to award my client one of those brainy-looking funnel cakes for participating in any contests on your site during the next 24 hours will result in an immediate restraining order.

He prefers Boston Creme Pie.

Just sayin'

Atty Antonia Scalia

PS: Good luck. :)

Phelan said...

Linda Morning! Get some coffee in you, this is a long haul

Mrs Scalia, I shall once again repeat my answer from last year, Bite me! :D

Thank you Bob, and I promise no funnel cakes this year.

Marina said...

Good morning, sunshine! Hope your day goes well :D

Anonymous said...



- buffra

Phelan said...

Morning you two!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Phelan! I will cook dinner (all my kids are gone for the weekend, so it'll just be for me) but there's no way I can cook your dinner! Wow. I need to learn to cook. My middle daughter could do it though. I'm really excited to see what you have in store for us. I learned a lot from you last year (despite the silly breakdown at the end - LOL).

Anonymous said...

Showing up late to the party again! Looks like you had a good start, and a lot of cheerers out of the starting block.

Looks like I still have time to get myself a cable and maybe I'll break my own rule and get some honey on the way home.

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