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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Time to prep dinner/ One Local Summer

I know, it is only 3 pm here. But this has to be done in stages. In case you have forgotten, the ingredient list can be found here.

First we need to make the pasta.

To prepare the mixture by hand, place the flour on a clean counter top or rolling board and make a well in the center.

Break the eggs into the well and using a fork, beat the eggs, gently drawing in flour from the sides. Continue dragging flour into the center well, stirring the ingredients together until the dough begins to form a mass.

Begin kneading the pasta, first sprinkling the surface with flour. Knead until the egg has become well incorporated.

If the pasta is too dry or crumbly, spray with a little lukewarm water. When the right texture has been reached, form a ball and leave to rest under an inverted bowl for 10-15 minutes. The heavy your flour is the more water you will need.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Excellent timing - I can do that after I pan the buns.

Can I chill the dough or store it in an airtight container on the counter, or wrapped in a teatowel for a couple of hours?

Phelan said...

cover it with a bowl. it will be all good. If it dries a bit sprinkle water and knead a little

Anonymous said...

Great! Time to pan the buns; I think there's an unexpected bonus to 34 - 40C weather - rising time for the buns is 25% faster. I wonder if I left myself enough time to shower?

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