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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Eat quail. It frolics in your yard.

oh, wait you can buy it and just about any game bird locally. No hunting required!

I think I might be a little tired.


Anonymous said...

I shall not eat frolicking birds! Let them frolick and be happy.

Bucky said...

Good morning Phalen!

I just got up a few minutes ago. Turned on the computer and the first thing I did was to check in here. Glad to see you are hanging in there. I'm going to go see what all I missed during the night.

And I love quail. Oddly, this is something that I never see at our farmer's market. I'll have to ask one of the meat vendors.

Bucky said...


I'm happy to let them frolic in a little butter and some herbs in my skillet and it makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

But when they are in the butter they are no longer frolicking.

It's called frying.

Fry-ing. :=P

:: tongue firmly in cheek ::

Phelan said...

you two are just too cute!

Bucky said...

I believe that our word frolic is actually from the French word frolicesse. Which of course, means to quickly sautee in butter.

Really. I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Non, non, non. :-P

Those dead things that you claim frolic. There's a name for those, there is.

"Les zombies." :-P

Bucky said...

Les Zombies?

Non, Linda, non.

Les delicacies. Oui.

Zee quail are 'appy to be in zee skillet. It ees what zey aspire to.

How else do vous explain why zey jump up off of zee ground when I am hunting zem? Zey are just trying to make it easier for moi to find zem.

Eef you take zee skillet out wid you when you are 'unting, you will see zee quail actually fly into zee skillet.

Ees true.


Anonymous said...

You did not know zat zee skillet was zee secret weapeun of choice against zee zombie quails?

Zut alors.

sexy said...






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