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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Muggy Work

They claimed it was in the 90'sF (32C) yesterday. It didn't feel like it, maybe it was the cooling breeze that was almost constant. One thing I know for sure is that it was very humid. It was raining in areas around us, but never did it rain here. We could do with some more rain.

I weeded the garden yesterday. My hands turning orange from the dyed leather of my gloves. And my husband and I tackled one side of the barn. Not literally that would have hurt a bit. We noticed that we are collecting junk there that is not reusable, such as televisions. In the 11 years that my husband and I have been together we have never purchased a tv. other people will replace their outdated view screens, and give them to us. Most of them are late 80's, but we do have one with a tube. When did they stop using those tubes? We will use the tv until it gives out, and usually it will only be a day or two before some one else shows up with their old television. We never go out of our way to tell people that our tv died, they either come over and see, or it is mentioned in casual conversation. We really don't fret over the loss of one. But now we have several junked ones out near the barn, something needs to be done with them.

We spent most of the morning separating the reusable from the non reusable, metal scrap from out right junk. The tv's seem to be the only out right junk we have in that area. We need to find a place to take them, for either new life, or in the case of the wooden console one, a permanent grave.

We have a nice large stack of decorative bricks border for flower gardens. I pulled them out from in front of the house, the previous owners had them placed in the way. I didn't want to get rid of them, but my husband insisted we either find a use for them now, or give them to some one else. I wanted to use them for the medieval kitchen garden that we were going to plant next year. Instead we loaded them in the truck and moved them out into the orchard. They are now surrounding the trees, where they will be able to contain the mulch, and thus keep the soil moist.

We moved old lawn tractors {that will be parted}, and project motorcycles. Broken fans and BBQ grills. We have enough scrap metal to justify a run to the scrap yard, and we are still finding items that the previous owners left. We are trying to get things not only uncluttered and looking a tad better, but preparing the barn for the donkey, and other livestock. It is so easy just to put things aside for later, but if you don't watch it, it will build up on you.

3 chicks died yesterday, just dropped dead. They are in the house now, still in the rabbit hutch. Not the dead ones. We fear the heat might have had something to do with it. They are a noisy bunch, but seem happy.

We ended the day with a dip in the horse trough and decorating my husband's face. Simple things that can keep you laughing.

And it looks like I am in the running for the Bestest blog of the Year. I was bestest Blog of the day back in October. You can go vote for me, or any other blog you see there that you prefer at Blankest Blank. If you register, your vote will count 3 times. The contest will run until August 6th.

Good Luck to everyone in the running!


Paula said...

I had to laugh when I read about the TVs. I've been seething for months about the large, non-working TV we have sitting on the loveseat in our foyer. Luckily, everyone uses the kitchen door, so it's not like people see it when they come in, but still. The thing is HUGE. And NOT WORKING. But, DH loved that TV and thinks he might be able to fix it one of these days and then we can put it in the bedroom to replace that hand-me-down TV (we have them, too). But, since it's TOO BIG to bring down to the basement, it's apparently going to sit on the loveseat forever. Which really kind of stinks because I was also hoping to get rid of that loveseat.

Anonymous said...

You know I love you because I am wading through blogs that aren't nearly as good as yours so I can vote on how great you are.


So are you going to have to take all those tvs to the dump?

Anonymous said...

Paula, I so know that feeling. :D

Alrescate, oh, ya know I luv ya. Just remember tht 1 is the worst and 5 is the best.

Phelan said...

Blogger is claiming that my blog is a spam blog. It will take them two days to unlock it IF they decide that it isn't a spam blog. This is not good. I am horribly ticked about this. I have been blogging for over a year, and they are just now shutting me down? Just when I start getting more readers. gggrrr...this might just be enough for me to find a different blogging program.

The blogathon starts in 3 days. They better have it unlocked by then.

lisa said...

SPAM BLOG?! Those numbskulls! If you do end up moving, be sure and leave a trail so I can find you! As for the TV's-funny! It's nice that you have so many thoughtful people to donate their TV's (are they afraid you won't know what to do with your "spare" time? ;-) Love your hubby's feather beard, too...wonder what your chickens will think? If I had a big old console TV, I'd probably clean out the TV guts and plant something in it...flowervision? :)

Anonymous said...

Love the oicture of your hubby. You've got a cutie too, don'tcha?! :)

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