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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jerusalem artichoke

Got chickens? Got an end of the world phobia? Then the Jerusalem artichoke {which has nothing to do with either Jerusalem or the artichoke, just tastes similar to one} is perfect for you.

It grows just about everywhere, and has potential of becoming a weed. Plant out in your chicken pen, they eat the leaves and the bugs, while fertilizing the soil, which is important for a good quality tuber. Dig up and break off a piece of the older plant, and set the broken piece back into the soil. Cook and eat the larger piece.

No worries, it will not give you leprosy.

Cook them like potatoes, but watch them carefully, they will cook faster. Flavoring partners include cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, onion, and cream.


Anonymous said...

Never knew this even existed. Sounds interesting to try.

Marina said...

So, I'm guessing it's best to grow them from...roots?

Phelan said...

yes marina, that would be best

Buffra said...

And do they have those pretty flowers, too? Neat!

Since you say chickens are good for them, as they are tubers -- are chickens good to have around your potatoes too? Or not?

*B, curious about chickens*

Unknown said...

Where can you get the tubers to start growing this? Have you done a post on it already? Can it be used like potatoes, ie where boiled potatoes would accompany a meal? My daughter has a love-hate relationship with them (like me & garlic) ~ sometimes she can eat them fine, other times she's violently ill & I'll like to find something other than bread & pasta for her

Phelan said...

Killi, I find them in seed catalogs. If you don't get those, ask your local green house about them. Good luck.

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