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Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm speechless

Farm Mom of Children in the Corn Fame thinks I am not as selfish as I claim to be. I am now the recipient of the Positive Global Change Award.

Talk about pressure.

It is nice to know that some one thinks I am doing something right. Most days I feel like I am failing.

Thank you Farm Mom for this honor.


Anonymous said...

You are definately not failing. I am reading your blog every day because it keeps me grounded to know that there is someone out there attempting to live in this same crazy way that I am! Your days have difficulty have been a tremendous comfort to me, no, not because I enjoy other people having a hard time, but because it's nice to know someone else struggles. Sharing your sucess's and failures is what keeps your blog "real" and reminds us all that this aint' an easy road we've chosen. Infinatley better than slapping the kids in day care to work all day and pay somebody else to grow all our food though....I'm going to keep that in my head while working in the garden this a.m. it's already 85 degrees here at 9:22 in the morning.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, you're very deserving!

P~ said...

Congratulations, I guess now we need to nominate 5 others, but with you already tapped I guess I'm down one option :).

ollie1976 said...


Unknown said...

You deserve it

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