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Saturday, July 28, 2007

And the winner of the L food game is

I can't decide, there were 2 really good ones, well all of them were good, but these two stuck out a bit.

From Mark
Okay, don't want anyone to laugh, and I'm not really trying to go for the obvious heartstrings here ... but I'd have to say ... LOVE.

It does start with an L.

What can I say? I'm suddenly in a sentimental mood. Was just in the kitchen and pulled out one of my grandmother's old biscuit pans. An old steel pie tin that is black and crusted with decades of flour and grease. She never, never, never washed her biscuit pans. Just wiped them out.

Anyway, I have such fond memories of eating at my grandmother's table on the farm. Though she enjoyed many things, the one thing she enjoyed the most -- and perhaps one can only appreciate this if you have ever been truly hungry at some point in your life --the one thing she loved the most was feeding her family. Every meal was a labor of love and every meal, even if it was just sliced tomatoes and fresh peas from the garden, was an amazing to share with her.

So, again I hope you all will forgive, but I think that love is perhaps the most important ingredient we can use when we prepare food for our family and friends and those strangers we invite to our tables.

From Catherine

Hey Phelan, I'm back on after a few weeks and couldn't resist. LASAGNA! Because it's not only delicious, it's fast, cheap and easy (you are what you eat) and besides, a million Garfield fans can't be wrong.

Though I think Mark might be cheating, but it is a good answer. So I will leave it up to you.

This poll will be left open for 1 hour. Oh the tension!


Anonymous said...

Well dagnabbit! Mark's entry made me cry! I'm blubbering all over my laptop.

Bucky said...

Vote for Catherine! I just did. Besides, I don't need a book on raising poultry -- I live in the City of Houston and it is illegal to raise poultry here. I know. I tried. And discovered just how mean-spirited one of my neighbors was.

And who doesn't love lasagne?

Anyway ...

I really was cheating a bit -- although not in any sort of malicious way. I really didn't give a food ingredient.

Just recounting some memories.

I'll share one more, just because I'm in the mood ...

One of my grandmother's favorite sayings was "die full."

Food was an important part of her life. She grew up very poor in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Often went to bed hungry and there were times of starvation.

Being able to feed her family was a great joy.

Her constant saying was: "You never know when the Lord is going to take you or how long the journey is going, to be so you better die full."

It was her excuse for feeding us to excess when she could.

Phelan said...

Mark mark mark. Ya got to stop doing things like that where there is a whole lot of girls around. :D ok if you win, I will let you choose who to send it to.

TexasWren said...

Sorry Mark. I've already voted for you. I had to---I think we had the same grandma, except mine was in Oklahoma. Her garden, preserving, and hogs kept 3 families fed during the Depression. She had the biscuit pan too. I didn't inherit it. ;-(

When I was 12, she taught me how to make her cornbread dressing. Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Decoration day for the last 40 years (except for a few after in-laws started demanding equal time) I've been in charge of the dressing.

During the years I was homesteading, my goal was to be just like my grandmother.

Bucky said...

Wren, thanks for the remembrance of your grandmother. I guess if you know about the biscuit pan you understand ... if not, well, you've missed out on something special in life.

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