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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A white trash pictorial (or an eclectic yard)

NO, no pictures of pregnant women in tube tops with open cans of natty lite.

First, I would like to clarify things about my husband. He prefers to work on old school bikes, but he does work on brand spankin' new ones. Here is a picture from yesterday, It is a 1989 H-D. I know a little blurry, but he wouldn't pose for it.

The dog run chicken coop that the goats have managed to drag things into and split apart the old dog house. I swear they are just like children.

The goat play ground which they have managed to take down, again.

Old tire for a tree guard

cattle fencing for the grapes

Motorcycle crate used as a wind block {it worked wonderfully last Wednesday when we had 40 mph sustained winds}

The fridge with the feed

It was getting dark out when I remembered that the Fool had asked for pictures. And it is raining now. Soon I will go out and take more photos for you viewing {giggling, distasteful gasps} pleasure.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

thanks for the tour. I don't feel so bad about our "yard"

P~ said...

All right, all right I'll quit sending you my "White Trash" stuff, you win. ;-)
Your refridgerator feed storage reminds me of a show I watched where a guy fitted an old upright cooler with some piping connected to a b-b-q grill and made a really big cold smoker out of it. It was pretty cool actually.

Rhonda Jean said...

LOL phelan. That little tour was excellent. It's like the blog equivalent of reality TV. Seriously though, I think it's great to reuse everything you can instead of throwing it out. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Tim, read below.


rhonda, Thanks you ~big cheesy grin~

The Fool said...

Hey Phelan. Thanks for the photos to grace your previous post. That's the way to do it...there's always another use.

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