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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More garden talk

I am very sore this morning. We had a marathon planting session yesterday. With all the weather problems we have had, the late blizzard really messed things up more than the tornadoes and rain {those two we deal with every year} and my husband gone at that last rally. Only thing left to plant is my second round of corn, for late season harvest. I guess it would be silly to say it again, but oh my, am I sore.

It will be nice when I get a little down time. ~Pardon the fit of laughter~

The banny rooster and his very tiny banny consort or outside in the rabbit hutch. I didn't know what else to do with them. They have been out there a week. I guess or birds are no longer good enough to steal.

One of the problems with planting season, and having such a large hand worked garden, is that other things tend to get neglected. Fence work still calls to me. House work is tired of being ignored. and there are numerous other projects that need attention. They all wait until the garden is in. Priorities can sometimes seem a little off, but when you are determined to make it work, you adjust. Or at least pretend to. Why, no, I do not feel overwhelmed.

Last night my husband and I went to pick up a motorcycle that the owner wanted some work done on. While there, the wife and I were talking, and the subject of gardens came up. When she heard the size of ours she got excited and started asking all kinds of questions. We talked about homesteading and she said she was in awe of me. I don't think I have blushed that hard in my life. We continued to talk and dragged the men folk into it. Turns out that the husband use to live on a dairy farm, a grade B farm {made cheese only, hand milked} We tried to convince him he needed to come out to show us a thing or two when our cows got here, he laughed. But the conversation with the wife was fascinating. Some of the things she said, I have read in emails and responses here, but never had I heard them in person. It made me a little embarrassed, but also a little pride snuck into it.

So, our your gardens completely in? Or do you still have a late season or second round crop waiting for your attention?

oh, heads up Feed reader's. I will be updating my article link post, so you will get it through feed. I didn't realize it did that, I need to find another way of going about that.

And The Fool, I will get more Strawberry recipes up, keep an eye on the sidebar for the links to the food blog.


Anonymous said...

A garden is one of those things that has to be done when it has to be done. I would feel bad about putting off other work a bit...the fence will keep :)

I will be moving into an apartment this Friday, and am really sad about losing out on gardening. I've started a bunch of herbs in pots, and have had enormous harvests from my aerogarden so I've invested in another for'll have to do.

Jeff Roberts said...

What?! You're neglecting housework for (as Steve Martin would say) "frivolous things like food" ?! :-)

Stephanie Appleton said...

We are all in for now. Finished this weekend. Though I may do a second planting of lettuce & spinach late summer, oh and beans too.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I am starting to eat the lettuce right out of the garden already...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I always hope feverently that no one from Eric's family shows up at this time of the year, the house is in huge disarray (kids) and extremely dirty (dust storms). We try to keep up with the mowing this time of year but the weeds!!! Yikes! You can't even see the roses in the flower bed. (I really need those goats, huh?) But, the garden's almost completely in, and that takes priority around here too. But I doubt too many people would understand if they decide to "stop by".

Unknown said...

Garden? What's a Garden?! :) Nothing planted here except some herbal grass seed mix & that has to be fitted in round the poultry ~ area-, not timewise & the 6 baby trees

BarnGoddess said...

gardens are just something that needs attention WHEN it needs waiting, if, ands, or buts.

I am in awe of anyone who homesteads and grows their own foods. I know I would really suck at such a thing.

Phelan said...

lynn, let me now how that aerogarden works for you. SOmehow I managed to get on a buzz site about them.

Jeff, yep.

Stephanie, so you are getting a small break?

Tim, you had to bring up lettuce.

Farm mom, oh I hate it when people "drop" by this time of year. I have to explain the mess.

Killi, you need a garden, really.

barngoddess, you'll never know unless you try.

Caroline said...

I still have cucumbers and a few squash/melons/pumpkins to plant (just one or two of each). Here in the northeast (zone 5b) gardening doesn't "officially" begin until Memorial Day, although I did start peas and lettuce earlier. Everything is in right now except the stuff above. I planted peas, lettuce, green beans, pole beans (Maine yellow-eye), bell peppers (multi-colored), paprika peppers, garlic and onions. I still want to plant some herbs in a couple of window boxes as well. Glad to read more about the lettuce - I saved a second patch of garden for a replant of lettuce.

Bob Westbrook said...

In between seizures I get some planting done on my first garden ever. For me it's gardening 101 and the diploma will be anything I can eat. Next year I'll get an earlier start. I suspect I planted more stuff than I can deal with so if it all comes up I'll be desperately giving much away

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