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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A little of that

Welcome Kansas City Star readers!

Victoria Sizemore Long, a writer for the Star, wrote up a quick little paragraph about my blog yesterday. We have had a few visitors stop by.

I want to update you on how my father is doing. He is still in the VA, and is waiting for a bed to open up in Hospice. It doesn't look as though my father will be coming back to the homestead. I was looking forward to showing him everything I have learned, his father's family own a huge cattle ranch back in the day. It a matter of talking now, rather than showing him, and it's hard for me. I will try and not allow this to effect the homestead, but who am I kidding. The thing is that I will not be throwing it all in, though I do show up to rant about a lousy day, I am determined to stay this path.

I do not care for asparagus. I do not grow asparagus, but that my friends will not stop me from asking the neighbor how it's done. He grows them every year. But that is up to you, do you want me to give the man next door the third degree on how his garden grows, and then relay it back to you?

Looks like peppers and eggplant are next on the topic list. There is a large world of veggies out there {as well as in my garden} I will go through the things I have placed, but if you want to know something sooner, please let me know.


Moonwaves said...

Hi there

So sorry to hear about your dad, it's a very hard thing to go through.

I thought of you when I saw a discussion thread asking for suggestions for vegetables beginning with "D" - any ideas? It's for the family who do this blog:

RAS said...

Phelan, I am truly sorry about your dad. I've been there -both my parents have all ready passed on. *Hugs*

As for the vegetables, don't laugh, but I can't seem to grow radishes. They either a) get killed by frost or some other freak weather event, or b) get eaten up by bugs. I don't even like radishes that much, but I'm determined to grow a good crop. At this point its a matter of pride. ;-)

The Fool said...

Just curious as to what the major garden varmints are in your area. Ours is the moose. Perhaps that will be a topic I'll toss on the run as a nomad blogger. Everyone seems to have a moose & garden story up here.

Hey...gazing at that brussel sprout plant's actually quite cool. I don't think I've seen or taken notice of this plant...and I was on and off farms as a kid. Could you run a few more photos for the ignorant? I'd like to see the symmetry of the whole plant. Yeah, I could probably google it...but it's more fun hassling you.

Have a great week. Best to you at this time.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Asparagus, please. I love it. We had a asparagus tree a while back. at least that what we let it turn out to be when it went to seed. wow that thing was big. I don't remeber doing much for success, though any tips would be great.

Bob Westbrook said...

Our thoughts are with you regarding you dad. Always a tough time but focus on the good, celebrate the life lived.
Gonna have to try growin brussel sprouts. Like to eat them and they got lots of good stuff in them. Still learning how to grow anything but weeds right now.

lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your dad...anybody have a laptop you could take him to show your blog? If he's up to it, I bet that could cheer him up at least a little. As for veggies...I only grow asparagus, but I enjoy reading anything you write about!

Billy said...

Hey. I am really sorry to hear about your dad. I don't know what that is like yet, but I know one day I will have to find out. At least he is in very good hands. I know your dad must be very proud of you. You are such a unique person, a great mom, and a fantastic contributor to all of us "learning".

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