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Friday, May 04, 2007

Another meeting

Yesterday, I took all 3 of my boys with me to meet the KSmilkmaid. My boys had a ball! The KSmilkmaid and I talked for a long time, while our children ran amok in the muck. When we got into the truck to leave, my three-year-old pretty pleased me.

"please, for what?"
"BUNNYBUNNYBUNNYBUNNYBUNNY!" I heard that until he fell asleep.

It looks like my oldest son, and one of The KSMilkMaid's boys of the same age, has already discussed a sleep over. I love it! This fun, this play, this instant friendship is something I wish we could find a little closer to home. But I am willing to drive up there for them.

I am planting peppers today, but I am curious, what vegetable do you want info on? If I have successfully grown it I will write up a post about it on Monday.


Wendy said...

Have you ever tried eggplant? I've ordered a couple of plants, but I've never grown them myself - haven't the foggiest clue ;).

Jeff Roberts said...

What about brussel sprouts? I like them though I rarely remember to buy any...maybe if they were there I'd eat them.

Jeff Roberts said...

On the "instant friendship" side of things, we've had similar experiences. We visited our old church in Alabama last summer for a wedding and before we even had a chance to track down our best friends from those days, our daughter and their kids had already hooked up. She gets along great with the kids of my best friends from high school as well. It's cool how the things that bring us together extend to our kids sometimes, too.

Caroline said...

I would like to know about the peppers. I have started some pepper seeds (bell peppers, mixed colors). Do they need to be staked or caged, or set up in or alongside a "tent" of poles like I did my peas?

April said...

I'm scared of the time commitment to asparagus. I'd like to know how to start, where, how it worth it?

I'm glad to hear your son has a buddy, it's so worth the drive and heck sounds like you have a friend too....and we country mom's need all the friends we can get!

Billy said...

Asparagus for me as well. I am also looking into doing some sort of melon. I can't decide on cantelope, honey dew, or watermelon. Your thoughts?

Parlancheq said...

Reading from the top down, my immediate thought re: veggies of interest was tomatoes. (There is nothing like a tomato from the garden!) But I see the next post down is about tomatoes so I better catch up on reading pervious posts!

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