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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good morning Jack!

Frost, that is. Good thing I went and picked up some heavy mulch for my tender plants.

Nostalgia time

I grew up in a small town {it became a suburb as I grew} We had the second largest grain elevator in the world. I remember how it was the center of tales and lives of the farmers around the area. Besides just using it, they were able to take time to talk and joke around with each other. Sometimes they only got to see each other during harvest. Then on June 8, 1998 there was an explosion, killing 5 workers. It was devastating to my community.

Fast forward to today, the local co-op shut down a few years ago, and the grain elevators are only open during season. so when I saw this story in our local paper, it warmed my heart. And since it is freezing out there today, I thought you could use a little warming as well.

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