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Thursday, March 15, 2007

You want me to do what exactly?

We, I mean I, bought 4 pekin ducks the other day. No immediate plans to eat them. The reason we ended up eating the first pair was because they were killing our hens. Those of you that are new to my blog missed my rant about how frisky male ducks can be, and that they will chase hens into a pond and attempt to mate with them until they drowned. While at the feed something snapped, and I decided to attempt the duck once again. However, I want to know if I have females or males.

With my anatomy of poultry book in one hand and a duckling in another, I set forth to discover it's future. I'm the kinky palm reader. If I go by the book, it seems I have 1 female and 3 males. Drakes have larger bodies and heads and have a soft quack, while the females have loud, hash quacks. I could also wait until their adult feathers come in and she if the drake's tail curls up, in doesn't on the females.

Excuse me duck.

Flip the duckling over Place the thumb above the vent and your first finger under the back. Place your second and third finger around the abdomen holding the legs between them. Using your other hand, press your thumb and finger together over the vent, the part them slowly so that the vent is extended and the sex organ is exposed.

That my friends, is how you sex a duck.

um. . . I don't see anything.


Rebecca F said...

Jfroebe suggests you might have eunich ducks.

Robbyn said...

Is that what's called "peekin'" at the Pekin? LOL

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, that's because J is scared of losing his story teller to another male. ;)

Robbyn, ha!

Billy said...

You must be really missing your hubby. Can't wait to see what he says about sexin' the duck up. :)

Phelan said...

No, I'm not that lonely. He got home the other day, and was standing over my shoulder as I tried my hand at it.

The Fool said...

Thank you, Phelan. I applaud. My quest for enlightenment is complete. Now, I know, and I can get on with life. And look forward to future amusement from your new residents. Who says you can teach an old dog new tricks?

Save a duck to toss in the window of the next country lovers that park in your way. Give 'em a bit of country wisdom,for sending them on their way, and tell 'em, "Erotic is just the feathers; kinky is the whole bird. Now, git a move on!"


Dancingfarmer said...

So have you ever found a book that said how to sex chicks? I heard it is a well guarded secret----but I would LOVE to learn. If you ever find a site/book/pamphlet---let me know. I heard ducks are quite a bit easier. Hmmm...what did you think?

Phelan said...

Fool, I am so thrilled to help enlighten you.

Monica, Try Storey;'s Guide to raising Poultry. Sexing in general is not easy!

Anonymous said...

Funny how they call it a vent, I Hope it didn't erupt during the proceedings!

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