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Friday, March 23, 2007

A new Flower garden

On Wednesday I took all three of my boys to Little River Greenhouse, in a neighboring town. We walked around looking at what they had to offer so early in the spring.

I allowed each boy to pick out some flowers, and we talked about why there were only a few different types of plants and trees available.

Yesterday I took on the task of pulling up some badly done weed barrier, that I previous owner brilliantly put in. From what I see, it looks like all they want was a big pebble garden, and that the dirt that was in it was accidental {the wind blows hard here}.

Once up, I had my oldest pick the spots were each of his flowers would be placed. I had him read the cards to see how they should be planted. Then the whole digging began. My middle boy will do the same thing today, and my toddler gets to use his older brother's old wagon to plant his.

We had small scraps of woods laying about, and I had them decorate both sides. After I clear coat them, this will be their border that separates their gardens. {I have a lot of drawings of evil slugs}

I am sore this morning from trying to get that weed barrier up, but I did enjoy spending time in a garden with my boys and not end up covered in mud, or paranoid that they would step on my veggies.
Cheryl, you will be happy to know that my husband has strung me a clothes line. However it has been storming all week and I haven't been able to use it.

Your grape questions will be answered in the comment section of Great Grapes.


Cheryl said...

Congratulations on finally getting your clothes line!
The boys' flower garden sounds like a great project.

Robbyn said...

Oh, wow, kids' gardens are the best! I love the idea of their decorating the wood pieces...can't wait to see it. I always let my daughter and her friends putter in the flowerbeds growing up, and they'd make all kinds of concoctions and "experiments" from mud. She'd sit there and dig and sing in the sunshine and show me everything she found that happened along (usually the bugs :))

It's so great your boys get to dig in!

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