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Friday, March 09, 2007

Eggs and a contest

The Ezine All Foods Natural is having another contest. From the newsletter;

Now we will start collecting recipes using coffee, preferably as flavoring. Send your words by the last day of February 2007 using this form or by email to the, and good luck! A copy of the book Fix it and Enjoy it is waiting for the best recipe. Finalists will feature in this newsletter and the web site. The winner will be notified by email, and we will request then the postal address to send the book. Have a look to what you can find in the book. {I think they meant the last day of March}

The chickens I received last summer have begun laying. What a relief! I've had to buy eggs this winter because I could only find eggs from one of my layers. I need to go and clean out the barn, and am fearful that I will find many o' rotten eggs hidden in there. That or something is eating them. I also need to clean out the nursery for the little ones that will be here in two weeks.

My geese should be laying soon. As much as I love baking with goose eggs, I think I will allow at least half of them to hatch out this year.

I need to go accessory shopping for my new donkey. ~glee!~


Robbyn said...

So nice that your chickens are laying again! How many days old is an egg still good? Do goose eggs taste the same as chicken eggs, or do they mainly get used in recipes?

LOL I'm loving the donkey you have a name yet? (sounds like you're getting together everything else for him, right down to the mint on his pillow) heh heh :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Phelan,

Just stopping by to say hi. I haven't been around much lately. I was happy to see you purchased a donkey! What fun that will be. My parents have a miniature donkey, her name is Spicy and she is just that, very spicy! and sassy!

Was glad to read that your father is out of the hospital as well. Things are shaping up for Spring to roll around and "new life". So happy for you. :)

Billy said...

Buying things for the donkey, eh? Sounds interesting. I am looking forward to the pictures when you get them.

Marina said...

What are you buying for Sombrea? Hat? blanket? nose ring?


Anonymous said...

A donkey wow. Here is Ireland they were so common 20 years ago, everybody had one. These days the are quite rare and are fetching a huge amount of money when sold. Some have even been stolen they are such a lucrative animal.

I'm so pleased to read your Dad is out of hospital.

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