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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

But, she's a giant blueberry!

So many bloggers making so many great things! Go check out this week's edition of Make it from Scratch.

I have had a terrible time with blueberries. My lost is due to drought and rabbits. We are hopeful that this year we can get past those things and produce some berries.

Here are some care tips for those of you that are thinking about blueberry bushes.

Blueberry shrub are natural insect resistant. They like humus and soft woodsy soil. Use only natural, organic fertilizer when cultivating.

They are not self pollinating, so be sure to plant more than one bush.

Soil should be 5. to 5.6 which is very acidic. A liberal amount of peat material is needed, if you need to add acid, use peat or compost made without lime. The peat should be dug into the earth and mix well with the soil.

Blueberries need an abundance of water, yet not standing. Make sure the area you plant in drains well.

After the plants 4th year, pruning should be done to keep the shrub manageable. You will find it necessary to clip the very slender stems, they may not produce at all, and the thick stems that have produce for several years, they may only produce at the tips. Keep you bush from over crowding to produce the best berries. Keep the stems not more then 1 foot is to much, less then 4 inches will be too close.

Weeding is very important. Keep the weeds at bay by smothering them in a thick layer of mulch with natural acid, like peat and oak leaves.

When you get your plants, it is important to keep the roots moist and out of the wind. Dig your hole big enough to where you will not have to bend the roots. Set the plant slightly deeper then the nursery had them. Once you fill your hole, like a saucer like depression to help catch water. add compost.

Young plants that are 8-15inches in height should be planted in early spring or fall.five by seven feet apart.

Now for those rabbits, sprinkle a little fox urine around your tender trees and shrubs and they tend to leave them alone.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Great! Thanks for the info. I'll be planting some blueberry bushes in a few weeks and this will help tremendously!

The Fool said...

Now, wild blueberries we have in great abundance. No tips needed at this Mother Nature does it all. The rest of the garden is a sure bugger though... so keep those tips coming. Have a great day!

Stephanie Appleton said...

A place we used to pick blueberries at used pine chips or sawdust around their plants. I believe it added to acidity.

Alexandra said...

I'm actually having trouble with squirrels rooting around in the beds. Next it will be the rabbits. I read somewhere that human hair keeps animals away, but haven't tried it yet.

Dancingfarmer said...

Phelan we lost our blue berries to drought last year too--all dried and shriveled but not tasty at all. I have my fingers crossed for some this year since we don't irrigate them. They sure are good though fresh off the bush aren't they?!

Celeste said...

Again a good one. I have 2 bushes to plant this week and this is great info!

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