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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Things are not going to well here on the homestead. Within an hour {yesterday} My husband was attending his uncle's funeral, I received 26 dead chicks and my father was moved back into the ICU.

Updating this blog has become a morning habit. I tell anyone that wants to read it, about my previous day, all while drinking a cup of coffee. I doubt that I will neglect this blog unless something else should happen. My days will be more mundane than usual, I plan on just doing the basic routine.

If you have anything to ask me, please, go ahead and ask. It might help me keep my mind off of things


Donna. W said...

Why the dead chicks? Did they freeze in transit?

Anonymous said...

I think that's what happened. I called the Hatchery and they wanted to send out new ones immediatly. I told them to hold off, so my new chicks should be here March 20th.

Billy said...

Here's a question. When are you starting your garden, the actual planting? Do you have a plan-o-gram done already? I would be interested to know what you are planting this year. I will need some help if you don't mind me asking questions.

Caroline said...

I am so sorry... it doesn't rain but it pours. If I can help at all please let me know.

I am curious (email privately if you wish) which hatchery sent you the chicks. When I ordered mine I was told that the postal carriers frequently keep the chicks indoors because they know what's in the box.

Also interested in knowing what you'll be planting.

lisa said...

Sorry for your troubles! If it's true that bad luck runs in threes, well you just listed them, so that should be all! So here's my question-any plans to start seed indoors under lights?

Anonymous said...

Aw, Phelan, I'm sorry! Hold on till spring, it's a-comin'. My girls have just started laying again, in fact we were out of eggs today and my husband was mad because he wanted to make cookies. I said, hey, hit the henhouse! Sure enough, two eggs waiting. Hugs.

ollie1976 said...

sorry to hear about your troubles with your dad and the chicks.

Stephanie Appleton said...

Oh sorry to hear all the bad news. Praying for you and your family.

ON another topic, per your request, tell us about your log home plans! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm please to have found you via Living the Simple Life I Want blog. I have a homestead too, in rural Ireland.

I'm sorry to hear about your family difficulties at the moment. I found it very hard to keep up all my commitments when my Mum was very ill, we even sold on our two goats.

We are again feeling up to taking on more commitments, 2 piglets arriving next weekend, we are so excited!
(I type it here because when I leave comments on blogger it for some reason refuses to hyperlink my name to my blog - maybe its quality control!!!)

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