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Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank you

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Today is a big day for my father, he may come off the vent. If he does, they will be able to preform open heart surgery sometimes this week, if not. . . well we all know the if not.

It's hard sitting up in the ICU waiting area. I left some books at a makeshift lending library, we all need something to pass the time. I met a wonderful woman and her daughter there. The woman's husband is in the ICU, he is recovering. I also cried as I listened to a daughter wail over the death of her father, she's a little older than I am.

The waiting room is so small, and the halls are so empty.

The price of freedom is visible in these walls.

that's the sign that hangs in the front lobby. and it's the most truthful thing I have ever read. So many of these men in there have no one. The ICU is full, but there is no one there to see them.

When this is all over, I plan on making it a point to volunteer at the VA.


Deb said...

I can so much relate to what you are going through as my mom was also in ICU.Thank goodness for the watiting rooms, but they do feel small and you get to know every magazine. Have strength and best wishes for your dad

Stephanie Appleton said...

Have no words. . . just know we are thinking of you and your father.

Anonymous said...


*Vibes and good thoughts continuing your way*

Billy said...

I will be hoping for the best. We miss you.

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