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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday BlogRoll call

Admittedly I have added only one new blog this week. Been a little too distracted to look around. If you could do me a favor, and are a lurker of my blog, please leave a comment about your blog, and I will happily go take a look.

And that one new blog is ~drum roll please~ Naturally Food. This blog is a joint effort between Dahl, Emer {both food writers} and myself. This blog is in its infancy, but if you are interested in home cooking, using herbs, and wines, keep an eye out on this blog.

Now, I am off to go play in the snow!


Anonymous said...

lurker here, i also have a blog about simple living and my general musings about life...will definitely check out the new blog you added, I love to cook and love wine (although I am missing it now as I am pregnant!)

Parlancheq said...

Checked out your new blog because I need to do more home cooking. :)

Donna. W said...

Hello there; I just discovered you, using the random blog button. I have two blogs:


We didn't get nearly as much ice and snow as you did.

Maggie said...

my blog has evolved to more banter about home life with twins but i throw in some indoor air quality, green living and simplicity. I have found some great blogs myself so feel free to check out my links, (you being one of them).

The Fool said...

Carrot-dude is cool. ;)

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