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Monday, January 29, 2007

I Am

Since we are already sharing, Owlhaven is having a writing contest. This is my entry.

I am the infant girl born in Kansas into a family of a mother, father and son, who smiled for the first time only minutes after birth and later cried when the 3rd boy was born.

I am the kindergartner who loves ballet and a boy named Brett.

I am the tom boy who all the boys love, but she thinks they are yucky.

I am the young teen that is scarred by someone that is suppose to protect her.

I am the 15 year old that lives with a 25 year old man.

I am the homeless teen that drifts between family and friends.

I am the teen mother that gives birth all alone while sitting on a bathroom floor, and later will hold her 1 month old son in her arms as tubes are pulled from his mouth.

I am the teen mother who weeps with a dead son in her arms.

I am the teen that gives up on happiness, who drinks and junks to forget.

I am the teen who cares nothing about herself, and has sex out of spite.

I am the teen mother who gives birth a second time, and refuses to bond with a new son.

I am the 20 something that finds love without drugs.

I am the 20 something woman that falls in love with all 3 of her living sons.

I am the 20 something woman that gives up convenience, and finds happiness in hard work, despite sacrifice and loss, and finds beauty in the simple things

To participate click here, leave a comment and tell her that Phelan sent you. Also let me know if you are writing one of your own.


owlhaven said... heart goes out to you and your little baby. I am so glad you are overcoming...but so sad you had that loss.

Thanks for writing this. It is beautiful.


Andrew McAllister said...

I'll second that Wow. What a lot of pain and, eventually, triumph in those relatively few words. Well written, well lived.

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

Stephanie Appleton said...

tears are rolling. . .

Anonymous said...

I think you could also add that you are a 20 something woman who has grown strong and well as being a woman that others admire.

Anonymous said...

Very touching and emotional. I don't like the repitition at the end though. It's a good writting technuqie, but I don't care for it. Overall, if I was a teacher, I would give it an "A". Well done.

Donna. W said...

You make me realize how easy my own life has been. Thanks.

Cheryl said...

What a lot of pain you've had to endure. Kudos for having the strength to make a better life for yourself and your family.

Mella said...

Amazing life, eloquently expressed. I'm sorry for the pain that you must've endured, and so thankful that you've overcome.

Anonymous said...

Mary, thank you for the comment and thank you for hosting.

Andrew, I thank you.

Stephanie, no crying, it all works out in the end.

alrescate, now now, don't make me blush.

Andrew, I will take that A. the rep sounded could in my head.

Donna, I really wish I wasn't the reminder, but you're welcome.

Cheryl, thank you.

Mella, thank you as well.

Lana said...

that was very touching. I am glad you found light at the end.

The Fool said...

Phelan, there are no words. I've seen way too much of it. I am glad you are with us.

Carla said...

Very poignant...what more can I say?

Anonymous said...

You're a truly unique, strong, wonderful woman. I'm sorry for all the hardships you've had to endure. Hugs.

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