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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Those of you that were interested in the DVD "America: Freedom to Fascism." That I raffled off last month, and didn't win, The Fool over on Shouting in the Dark is re-raffling it off. Click here, and put your name in the hat.

Our water line froze up yesterday. So instead of laundry, I braided some more. It's an ugly thing, but my first go at it, meaning once done, I will suck it up and post a picture. Be gentle.

I talked at great lengths with a Canadian log house supplier. Living in the middle of a prairie, I do not have access to the logs required to build a home and so we are talking with various kit home companies. We got into the discussion of septic systems and he informed me of something called BioCycle. I hadn't ran across this one yet, and he sent me a link to their website. It is the same concept as the grey water system, but it recycles black water as well. I am hesitant on anything that deals with black water. But it seems to be a better alternative to a lagoon {which we already have} or a septic tank.

For those of you requesting the bread recipe, I will get that up for you later today.

1 comment:

The Fool said...

Gee, our weather ain't looking too bad right now...but I'd better not get smug about it. Hang in. Thanks for the film, and for sending folks to the review and re-raffle.
And hey, I figure you can handle an angry mob.

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