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Friday, December 08, 2006

Up next on Survivor

Our only surviving homestead hatchling is doing well. She has started getting a few black spots, going to look a little like her daddy.

I have another 81 messages in my in-box about NAIS. Listen folks, I realize that many of you could care less if cattle are tracked or not. But what about your right to privacy, or animal welfare? Many of us that are not stock yards take very good care of our animals, they are healthy and well feed. A lot of us only raise them for our family. I eat poultry but my goats are pets. What will happen if NAIS is mandatory? Poor smokey gets sick, I am forced to report it. If I have not registered with NAIS, the vet will do nothing, my goat will die and the USDA will be contacted to come out and "depopulated" my homestead over what could have been a curable disease. But what happens if I did sign up with NAIS? I go bankrupt from having to tag my animals and buy the equipment that is required. I lose my privacy as a US Citizen. My animals can be seized at anytime because they are part of the national herd. And if my poor smokey gets sick, the USDA will come in and "depopulate" my homestead. What if NAIS is defeated? Smokey gets sick, the vet cures him and none of my pets nor livestock will be killed because of it.

Which is better?

Legislation over NAIS will start in late January of 2007. I implore you to do your own research and then contact every government agent that you think will listen to you. If you oppose this, then tell them, please. What if it was your pets?


lisa said...

I hate the sound of all of this! Were it ME, I would stay off the radar as much as possible, no matter what! What "Big Brother" doesn't know won't hurt him!

The Fool said...

People are already wearing "Pirate Farmer" shirts, but it shouldn't be so. People with "traditional" pets should take heed...there are plenty of reasons to extend this program to dogs and cats. No one says the reasons have to be substantial...they haven't been thus far. Keep at it, we don't want which idea is better among two evils, we want the idea that's best! I received the recent post you sent the link for...thanks!

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