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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maybe this will work

Of course this isn't to scale, just the idea of what we are planning. {we do have the dimensions figured out.}

The center part will be a ten sided "decahome" where the master bedroom/bath, entry way and library will be located on the second floor. First floor will be the "safe room", storage, full bathroom, and great room. To the right side of your screen, is the boys bedrooms, and a half bath {in a "wing"} to the left side {in the other wing} is my father's bedroom with a half bath, my huge kitchen, a dry goods storage, can good pantry, and a canning and mud room.

The bottom of the page will be buried 1 ½ stories, while the top will be exposed, yet enclosed in a greenhouse. {Illustration at the very top of page}

Total square footage is just under 2,500.


Anonymous said...

That is going to be very nice.

Stephanie Appleton said...

That looks fantastic! I'm jealous! ;) We are going to wait at least another year! Can't wait to watch and learn from you though!

The Fool said...

Ah, the projects that I have seen built from such initial doodles. Keep track of it to look back on! And, of course, the best of luck to you as your homestead grows.

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