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Friday, December 15, 2006

Compacting my life

Yes, yes, this is my third post of the morning, but I thought it would be fine as this is the only one that was written by me.

I am a member of the compacting web ring. I have been reading other's entries about what they are doing for the holidays, there is a lot of guilt about buying items, and lot's of worries about how their new compacting lifestyle will effect their loved ones. My worries are slightly different.

I am not sure I belong on the compacting webring. I am simplifying my life. Getting rid of things we don't use. But the buying, well let me tell you a little of what goes on around here.

I have no credit, my husband doesn't use credit. We always buy things with cash, if we don't have the cash, we don't buy it. We rarely buy things throughout the year {except if it is something that a child needs} we save many of our purchases for Christmas and birthdays. I got the new field scissors for my birthday, it was something I needed for the turkey. My husband doesn't read this so. . . For Christmas I bought my husband a new pair of saddle bags, a caponizing kit and my son's bought him some new CD's. He doesn't need the CD's, but my boys {the oldest} thought he deserved something fun. I will get things that are equally sensible. {Hoping for some more cast iron pans} We also buy all our big ticket items comes tax time.

I bought $400 US worth of books for $70 the other day. This is my frivolous purchase for the year.

Do I belong in the Compactors webring? Our Christmas will be the same size it is every year. This is in part because of the story I told you yesterday. And the fact that we don't buy things throughout the year. And I couldn't imagine feeling guilty for buying something that is not only wanted, but in my mind needed {Like the books} I wear the same clothes year after year {of course they're washed} As long as they are in good condition, they are worn. Of course I am a fashion taboo, looking like I am stuck in the 90's {though I could really care less} I wear my husband's t-shirts {he gets free shirts sent to him from motorcycle shops all over the world as a thank you} My shoes {boots} are usually gifts from other's.

So where does or should my lifestyle change?

I haven't really taken the pledge, as I don't know if I should. Not buy new items for a year? Reduce the amount I do buy? Where do I cut those items from? I don't think I can cut anymore than what my lifestyle dictates. The items I buy tend to help sustain the homestead. Some items do make life a little easier, but it still requires more work than what non-homesteader do. {Of course I could have not bought that juicer}

There are many things I would love to have, items to ease my chores and projects. But I can not justify buying them because of the expense.

To my fellow compactors, even with some of you "falling of the wagon" you are still doing great. I am awed by the fact that you have taken such a drastic measure in your lives, keep up the good work.


The Fool said...
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The Fool said...

We are caught in a stream of many, many flows...from discourses of power to counterproductive conformities and simulations. To break from the current - to "deterritorialize" - and create productive counter-flows seems to me to be the point. From a number of such counter-flows, there may come an eddy, and from enough eddies...perhaps a change in the current.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" cure to the current situation. There are too many flows. But I see a lot of people making the effort to understand their place in the stream, and act accordingly. You included.

All efforts are to be commended. We're all on the same team.

Unknown said...

In my opinion, the compact was started with the mission of becoming aware of our purchases. It sounds like you are already there naturally.

Billy said...

I don't think you should give up any more in your lifestyle than you already have. I do want to know, are you allowed to accept items from people and use them? I am mostly talking about household items that would make work easier. I am intrigued by how you are doing this. I sometimes wish I could make it simpler as well.

Anonymous said...

The fool, true.

Chelee, maybe. I thought it would be a good thing for me, but I am coming to find that I don't have the problem I thought I had with buying.

abbagirl74, A lot of the things I have, were given to me. I have pots and pans from my mom that she used when I was a child. My husbands parents buy things for us at auctions. Now, how am I doing what?

BurdockBoy said...

I agree with Chelee. I believe the compact is a good reminder to avoid unnecessary purchases, but there are things that can be useful. I feel I am a fairly responsible comsumer, I do buy the occasional impulse item, but for the most part we live simply-like you. For that I don't need to belong to a webring.

Billy said...

I am totally intrigued by how you are able to simplify your life. With all of the hustle and bustle, it's so hard for me to do. I wish I could though. It's my own fault really. I just need to make the time.

Aaron said...

I like that you seem to be real woman with a real strong husband who know that the fancy ribbon in life is only to make you think you are happy while you die in plain sight. I think it be beautful that your husband give you the turkey scissors because you are woman, and cooking good food for your family is part of your God given job. Your man surely knows how to be strong and bring you land so that it may be worked so that you may keep having many children. It is ok to spoil the boy( only boy) from time to time with the cd as the girls like to listen to the music, so he must impress them to get them to try and want to be his wife. You seem like good strong woman like God wanted.

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