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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

well. . .

I'm not sure what to write about today. I am a little frustrated with some non-homesteading going on's right now. Like Nano, the e-book challenge {I wish I had time to edit it more} My parents are both sick, that sort of thing. It's encroaching on my simple life, causing some stress that I would prefer not to be dealing with. The writing things are of my own doing, of course, and I could just drop them out of my plans. But I really don' want to. I actually like where my nano is going.

My camera is still acting up.

Mother Hen and her chick are doing very well. And I need to get to my Brother-in-Laws to get those saplings for the wattle fence. I wanted to this weekend, but instead I will be dressing out a turkey. And then that reminds me, that I need to make a full menu and figure out what I need to buy in Yoder.

I have to go back into the city today, so chores will have to wait once again. My catch up tomorrow will be exhausting.


Unknown said...

Hey now! You're not supposed to be editing during NaNoWriMo! Pump the story out, don't worry about revisions, and leave the editing to next month. One of the points is to allow your creative passion free reign, hiding your more perfectionist self.

Let writing be a stress free portion of the day.

And take my advice with a grain of salt, I'm 15k along in my novel (about 10k words behind schedule) and that's only because I sat down and pounded out 5k last night.

I'm "stienman" on the nanowrimo site.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, thanks for stoping by. The editing was referring to the e-book challenge I did recently and was unable to finish editing because of the deadline and nano starting.

Kathie said...

I hate when outside influences encroach on my simple life - darn it why can't I control everything at my simple pace?

In any case - here's some positive blessings coming in your direction.

Anonymous said...

Katie, ha! and thank you

BurdockBoy said...

Ha! My mother's maiden name was Yoder and she was mennonite. Yoder sounds like the town in Iowa my mon grew up in.

Anonymous said...








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