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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's cold

It seems that the low temperatures are here to stay. We had our first rainfall in a month last night, I saw the lightening and started up the oven. If our electricity goes out, we have no heat, so I light the oven and made cookies while I waited for the storm to pass, I made it to cracking the eggs, and the storm had moved on. Looks like we will have snow tomorrow.

Last night I decided to make a Christmas chain with my boys. My 5 year old wants to open the presents that are under our tree, I thought making the chain would be the best way to keep him at bay and help his counting. We bought 3 different colors of poster board as the local grocer did not have any construction paper. I have one of those school teacher paper cutters that a co-worker had thrown out. I snagged it since it was still in good condition. I made the first loop for my 2 year old. Oh what delight! He ran from the room with it to show his father, and stayed away to play with it. He was content. My 9 year old informed me that we had all the colors of the Mexican Flag, and got fed up making the chain after 5 loops. My 5 year old thought it was grand for about 10 hoops, then he informed me that his hands were asleep and that I should do it for him. He picked out the colors {white} and I made the loop, then he wanted to leave, but firmly reminded me that I was to use all white, nothing else. I, being the mature person that I am, stuck my tongue out at him and grabbed a green strip of paper. I was so wrong to do that. My 5 year old huffed at me and finished the chain himself in all white. Then he tattled on me to daddy.


Billy said...

Don't you love it when they tattle?

Anonymous said...

LOL...Cute post...I could really picture it in my mind! :)


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