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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I turn 29 today

They claim it was freezing rain, I say it hailed all day.
Picture 941
ground in the morning

Picture 942
truck bed that afternoon

Snow is headed our way, and all the schools in the area have closed for the day.

oh, and I finished.

I have to head into town, need tags for the truck. Have a great day everyone!


Dancingfarmer said...

Good luck on driving today Phelan. Looks more like icy roads than snowy roads. I am wondering if we might get some of it. Not that we often do in Georgia but with this storm you never know. I cross my fingers for snow though---no hail and no ice!

The Fool said...

You close schools because of snow coming your way? Our kids would be so-o-o-o-o envious! We never close schools up here due to snow or cold (many kids wear shorts to school even at -20 below). The only prayer for a school closure is severely iced roads from a transitional or freak rain. I believe there have only been 2 school closures due to inclement weather during my 16 years of teaching in Fairbanks.
Congrats on your Nanowrimo success!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday you young thing,
and congratulations on finishing Nanowrimo!
I hope the boys have fun in the snow!

Wendy said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel! I tried it one year, but wasn't successful .... I'll look forward to seeing you in the bookstore ;).

Moonwaves said...

Happy Birthday. I feel very old and unaccomplished now - almost three years older than you (will be next week) and not a man or a child of my own in sight. Ah well. Hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear!

Enjoy the last year of your 20's



Billy said...

Well, happy birthday. Isn't it funny that they closed school today? I thought so until I tried to drive down East Kellogg. 20 mph isn't much fun behind a semi truck. Flurries and zero visibility is not my idea of fun. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day. You totally deserve it!

BurdockBoy said...

Yay another Sag! Happy B-day. I guess I have 1 year and four days on you.

I hope the weather didn't get too trecherous. We sure could use the snow up here, but we're just getting the single digits cold.

Overwhelmed! said...

You don't by chance live in KS do you? My sister lives in Olathe and she's getting the kind of weather that you describe here. Fun! Fun!

I guess Happy Birthday wishes are in order. :)

Stephanie Appleton said...

Happy Birthday!
I do not envy your weather! Hope all is well!

Phelan said...

Monica, The roads yesterday morning when I had to go out were dry. It started snowing while I was getting my truck inspected, and I slide trying to get out of the tag office parking lot! UGH! I too hope you only get snow.

The Fool, it surprised me that they closed the schools. They rarely do that, but when the snow came with 30 mph sustained winds and trying to drive on elevated highways, I understood. And thank you.

Cheryl, thank you, thank you, and they did!

Wendy, thank you. Maybe I'll send you an autographed copy. ;)

Moonwaves, thank you. Don't feel down about it, you know what I had to go through to get a family. I would have preferred to wait, but now I am stuck with it. :D

Marina, do you have to remind me of that!?!

abbagirl, thank you. I was just saying to the Fool that I thought it odd that they closed, but it might have been a good thing. I would love to strangle the person that designed the highway system around here, especially the Kellogg/235 exchange.

Burdockboy, Sags rock! :D We needed the snow as well. It seemed worse then it was when it came in. But the roads are drivable today.

Overwhelmed, yes, I do live in Kansas. I am about a 3 hour drive south west of Olathe. I have several friends up that way. And thank you.

Stephanie, thank you. I love the snow, and as long as it doesn't melt and refreeze, it should be all good.

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