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Friday, November 24, 2006

The day after

We slept in until 8 am this morning. Hope the rest of you did the same. I realize that black Friday is a frugal person's dream, but sometimes your frugal needs should come with some principles. end any type of lecture.

Thanksgiving was good here. The turkey fit into the oven, barely. The legs scraped up against the side of the oven. He wasn't as flexible as the store bought birds, and we couldn't tuck his legs under him. {need to figure that out for next year} I soaked him in homemade apple cider {remember all those apples?} and ice in an ice chest for a few hours. I did this not to brine really, but to have a little more room in my fridge for other things. I put him into the oven, breast down, at 4 am at 400F {204 C}for 1 hour, then reduced the temp to 250F {121 C}. After 4 hours I stuffed him, with chopped apples, onions, celery, roasted pecans, celery carrots, brown sugar and white wine, after flipping him breast side up. From there he slowly baked for 4 more hours before I returned the temp to 400F {204 C} for the last hour. He turned out very moist and delicious.Picture 914

While I was cooking a friend of ours that we haven't seen in a while showed up. Wonderful guy, incredible musician. He is the lead singer of a band called Ol' Musky. If you get a chance check them out {no worries not a death metal band, more rock/blues/bluegrass}. It was nice seeing him. We all chatted, while he picked at the table spread.Picture 915

I managed to keep our dinner ingredients local. Only thing that wasn't was the sugars and marshmellows. I needed brown sugar for a couple things and granulated sugar for the whip cream. {you can't make whipped cream with honey}

I only made 3 types of pie because of the local challenge, pecan, pumpkin and apple. As you can see the crust of the apple floated a bit, but it is still readable.Picture 918

I gave the recipe for the pumpkin pie to my 9 year old. He put too much milk into it and my husband added some more pumpkin. It turned out pretty good. A little more custardy than what I make, still good though.

How was your Thursday?


BurdockBoy said...

Looks like a wonderful feast.

My mom used to make the same 4 pies on Thanksgiving (except we usually had 2 apple)

Glad to hear the turkey fit. Happy recovery day!

Cheryl said...

Wow, everything looks so good, and the turkey looks done to perfection!
Have a restful weekend!

Mutableblue said...

I was wondering if that big guy would fit, your turkey adventures were topic of conversation yesterday!

The meal looks delicious, have a wonderful and restful weekend.

Kathie said...

Everything looks great! I'm glad the turkey fit. Yum.

Wendy said...

Your Thanksgiving spread looks scrumptious! We did a local thing here in S. Maine, too, albeit with turkey from a local farm. We didn't raise our own this year, but maybe next :). My hubby is still not sure he wants to deal with meat chickens (and he's still not so enthusiastic about my laying hens, although he's warming up :).

Stayed home for Black Friday, here, too :) - slept until 9:00. How wonderful it was! :).

Stephanie Appleton said...

He looks soo good! I love your crust letters! How creative you are!

Parlancheq said...

Looks yummy! You must have been busy. I went to someone else's house, so didn't cook a thing myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everything looks so've made me hungry all over again *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like a wonderful feast!

I'm glad you got to sleep in a bit on Friday.

Billy said...

well, it looks as though all turned out just right. Looks yummy. Mine turned out great as well.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, soaking in apple cider! I never thought of that! I bet that was nice flavoring and made it moist as well.

Your spread looks really wonderful. You can tell you really work hard at getting it all just right...down to the the Happy Thanksgiving on the pie!


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