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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Guest Blogger

I have been neglecting the Sunday posts. Mainly it is my one day that I have more time and I have been using that time to work on that e-book Challenge that I talk about before. I am now finishing it up, and will edit tonight. I should have it posted tomorrow.

I am worried about it. I don't feel it is my best work, but it does show some of what I can do.

The genre is horror, and not that boring suspense horror either. Lots of gore, because that's how a good horror book should be, HA!

After I have it up for everyone to download free, I will post an announcement about it. Though that scares me. But this is one of the non-homesteading things that I had coward from before homesteading. It's the next part of stepping away from my old life. I know people will hate it, I know people will tell me so, none the less, I ask that you bookmark tomorrow's post and if you do read the e-book, please tell me what you thought as a reply to that post. Good or bad.

Forewarn my fellow homesteaders, it's about our dark side ~Insert evil laugh here~

I do hope there is some redeeming quality to this e-book. I never thought I would have an e-book, mainly because I am addicted to paper. So this very will might be the last one I have.

To my bookcrossing friends. If you like it, feel free to bookray it. I don't have plans to do so, but I know you people and how you work. {And I know you don't have to like it to pass it on}

I guess that is everything I have to say about tomorrow’s e-book. I have to get over my fears, step out of this warm safety of not showing everyone another side of my life. One that I have dreamt about, strived {in my scared little way} to have. When I was nine years old, I wanted nothing more than to win the E. A. Poe award. It would still be nice.

I will see you tomorrow, with the presentation of Stories from the Back Forty.


Anonymous said...

Phelan, you crack me up. I would never have suspected you were a horror fan. Me, not so much, so I won't be reading the book (easily squicked). But good luck. :)

Billy said...

Can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...


Time for a fresh start over at ze blog... that is, a new complete fresh start that's happened since the redesign I made a couple of days ago. Care to take a look?

Erm... it'll make more sense once you read the entry!

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool and I can't wait to read it :o) Mebbe once you're done you can work on my's rather lonely sitting in my desk under a pile of reports *chuckle*

Phelan said...

Lynn, a big gore fan from way back. Thank you.

John, read and responded.

Bug, would be happy to if I didn't already have so much to work on.

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