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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Staring blankly at the screen

There were a few different things that I had wanted to talk about this morning, but alas, I seem to have come down with an illness and am functioning well below par. I woke late and struggling a bit through my chores. Several years ago, I managed to dislocate one of my shoulders, and in another instance I tore the tendon in the other shoulder. My husband knew immediately what had happened {he was in sports medicine and trained to be a surgeon in his former life} he had a hard time convincing the ER Doctor what was wrong, as torn tendons don't show up on x-rays. This lead to it healing incorrectly and now there are times when my shoulder aches, today is one of those days.
Ha! I will get over it, the whining that is, I might just keel over from my unease.

2am I was woken by a storm. Straight line winds rocked the house and thunder rumbled beneath my feet. Wonderful. Dressed and out the door, I made sure that the windows of the car were up, the motorcycle garaged, then out into the pen. The goats were roaming around the backyard. Another Wonderful! Herding them up wasn't easy. They were enjoying their escape. Arrow was the easiest as he is not that fond of humans, and knew that safety from me was in the barn.

Trina wasn't sure what she should do. She would turn toward the yard and trotted out a bit, then back to the gate. Lightening struck rather close and that made her decision for her.

Smoky is the mischievous one. Very playful, and very loving. He wanted me to scratch him between the horns as the rain beat down on us. I am not as sure footed as goats are, and I was being knocked around a bit by the wind. I ended up using my mom voice on him. "GO!" That did the trick and he hurried back into the pen. I went to secure the gate and discovered that the chain was broke. No wonder the winds got it open. Sigh. I grabbed a cinder block from in front of the barn and secured the gate with it. Seems to have held. Once back in the house, soaked and shivering, I was greeted by my smiling husband. "Cold?" I responded with an icy stare. I think the shivering was answer enough. He then asked why had I been outside. I told him about the goats, his goats. "Oh." ugh! Sometimes I wish I could sleep through anything so I won't have to be responsible for things that happen in the middle of the night. But he did say he would fix the gate tonight so I won't have to do it today. It’s still raining. He did say that next time I should wake him up. Did I mention he can sleep through just about anything, and that includes me trying to wake him up?

I am going to try to answer some of your responses, then finish up chores before curling up on the couch with my boys and sulk in my sick induced misery. OH WOE IS ME! HA!

Just woke my oldest child up {again} this morning. He too is ill.


alrescate said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well & have a sick child. I'm sure you weren't helping matters by being out in the cold rain.

On another note, I love the goat pictures.

Bug said...

Icky day alert! You poor thing, I hope ya get better soon darlin' :o) *hugs*

Justin said...

I'm not sure why Emergency physicians have the attitude that they know everything and don't need specialists. Their training is designed to be high-yield for emergency rooms, providing people immediate care in serious situations to sustain themselves until a primary care physician can investigate. Yet many of them believe they are the experts in every field.

Phelan said...

Alrescate, thank you.

Bug, thank you.

Justin, I don't like going into ER unless I have to. I was born with 3 types of migraines {yes, suffered from birth} I only end up in emergency when my migraine has lasted for 3 or more days, and I have gone blind, There is yet a medication that I have tried that will work for me. But when I do go in they act like I am a junkie, even though it is the same hospital were I was born, were I was diagnosed with migraines, and they have my records in their hands. I will usually just suffer until I can get into see my doc.

Julie said...

You've been tagged! See my blog.

lisa said...

If you want to see soft tissue, you need an MRI scan (which I do for a living)-any good MD should know this! I respect the MD's and even chiropractors that suggest a good diagnostic test before beginning even physical therapy, after all-why not find out exactly what's wrong before you start treatment?

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