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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

Deliberate Life has many stories and links helpful to the modern homesteader

Howling hill, is a blog from a fellow homesteader.

Hunna's Happenings, is a personal blog from a girl that says "When you think your day can't get any worse a bird craps on your head!"

Meloncutter Musings, A blog I found through the Bestest blog. The writer of this blog is very funny.

Those are my blogs for today. If you noticed that I am a little bland in describing them, it's not because I don't like these blogs. I'm still not feeling very well, and it has gotten to me. So off with you, and visit my fellow bloggers.


Julie said...

Love Hunna and Meloncutter. Good picks!

The Cedar Chest said...

Interesting choices!

Love your blog! Would you care to exchange links?

Also, this is an invitation for you to come check out my site and tell me what you think!


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