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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Nice Rural Buy

A few weeks ago, my husband saw an upright freezer for sale outside of a rural home. It was a little pricey, almost $200 US. We need a freezer, but couldn't justify spending that much on a used one. Yesterday he noticed that the freezer was back out in front of the house {it had been removed last week} and saw that the price was lower. He came home and asked if I wanted it. I, being in a bad mood, could have cared less {my 5-year-old, in a fit of being mad at me, smeared toothpaste inside of my towel cabinet} My husband took the truck and bought the freezer. Now I am glad he did.

It is 6 years old, barely been used. The house that he bought it from is also up for sale for almost $400,000 US. An elderly couple, and they took good care of it.{They said that someone had tried to steal it, but must have been to heavy for them to remove it, and that was why the freezer had been placed back inside the house for a while }

Brand new it would have cost us $300 US, we got it for $100 US. Now I don't have to can all those apples, I can make other desserts and main courses that use apples and freeze them. I also have a place for that turkey.

Apples; 9 lbs down.

Picture's a little crooked, isn't it?

Yesterday I made spiced apple rings. Mine are slices rather than rings, but they do eat the same. Warm them up slightly, top with whipped cream, and it eats like a crust less apple pie. Not too bad. {The recipe is being used in an article, when published will link to it, if you want it}

Apple trivia to amaze {annoy} your friends with; The Celtic word for apple, abhall, is still used in many place-names, and some towns and cities have particular associations with fruit trees Norwich was described in Tudor times as 'either a city in an orchard or an orchard in a city'

I dreamed of apples last night. One of the draw backs of processing the same food item over and over.

Thanks to alrescate, I walked around most the day saying "Porkchopsh and appleshaushe" thanks Brady Bunch!

Bug sent me her German apple pancake recipe that sounds incredible.

Any more apple suggestions?

on an amusing story note; I gathered some peppers out of the garden, they looked like hot peppers, but were in the sweet pepper area. I asked my husband to taste them, and tell me if they were indeed sweet. He tasted and told me they were. ok, so last night I cut them up and used them on the pizza. I then rubbed an itch out of my eye. They were hot peppers!


alrescate said...

Hee. I'm glad I wasn't the only one walking around muttering that....

Great buy on the freezer! That will be so helpful!

Cheryl said...

Nice find on the freezer. I'd be interested to hear how you like the upright compared to a chest freezer.

YokoSpungeon said...

BLIMEY that's a whopper of a freezer! Good stuff!

Stephanie said...

I love getting deals like that!

Are you doing all those apples by hand or do you have a peeler/corer?

Hey thanks for adding me to your links! I didn't even know you were reading my blog!

Phelan said...

Stephanie, I do have a peeler/corer, but the corer part has gone missing.

I have tried a couple of times to reply to your blog, but I keep timeing out, sorry.

Stephanie said...

Too bad about the corer, but the peeling is the worst of it in my opinion.

I wonder why you're having trouble leaving commnets? Darn blogger! :) Thanks for reading though!

Marina said...

Congrats on your new freezer! Looks a lot like the one we inherited with the house.

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