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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How to Tow a Car with a Motorcycle.

My son and I went into the city last night, the birthday boy. I took him to pick out his birthday present and get our slider turtle a new tank. We had a good time goofing around the store, picking out the nerdiest of clothing for his older brother. We stayed a little too long, and it was dark before we headed out. My car began to act funny about 10 miles from home. The dash lights went dim, the fasten seatbelt sign came on, the door is ajar buzzer sounded. I pulled off the main road onto the back roads that would take me home. 5 miles from home. . . my car went dead.

My 5 year-old slept in the back seat as I tried to restart the car. Nothing. I wanted to scream at the coyotes that were celebrating a kill, sounds too much like laughter. I woke the 5 year-old, and told him we would have to walk. That idea was not to his liking. You could hear dogs barking in the distance, and the coyotes still giggling at us. You will have to steer the car then. He wasn't sure about that. I told him to keep it between the tall grass and we would be good. ok

I pushed the car a good quarter of a mile {painfully} before a truck came by. The older couple laughed and asked was I really pushing that car. yep. Had to, the little one wasn't going to walk it. The older couple gave us a ride home, asking several times if I was going to be able to get my car home. sure sure, I have a truck that can pull it. Anyone to help you? yes. We chatted on the way, I found out that the peacocks I see wondering around haven't escaped from something, they are free range. They are free range because they are a nuisance.

Home at last. My husband wasn't too thrilled by me appearing sans vehicle. And it turns out that the battery in my car came out of the truck because the alternator belt had popped off of the car, and the battery had died. hhhhmmm wonder what happened this time.

After an hour of gritching by my husband, we woke our eldest son up to watch over the two sleeping boys. I grabbed a tow line and hopped on the back of my husband's bike. Off we went to get my car.

My husband hooked the bike and car together and with me behind the wheel, we towed the car safely home. I don't care what some people say. Harley's are built very well.


alrescate said...

Shyt. It's a good thing you weren't further from home. (Although you were certainly far enough!) I hope The Husband can fix whatever is wrong with it!

Phelan said...

belt broke. ugh!

Jodie said...

good job!
it used to happen to me,and it's not so joyful anyway.but you had done good.

Phelan said...

I never want to push a car that far again. Thanks Jodie.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you towed a car with a motorcycle!!! awesome!

I am pretty positive that my Yamaha wouldn't be able to do that. :)

I know this is an old post, but I just got here...

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