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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Got It!

The problems of this world can be solved by simply throwing a few strawberries into the mix. If only that statement were true for anyone but myself. I solved the most pressing issue of our time, by just pureeing a few strawberries.

I solved the watermelon leather crisis of 2006.

Adding strawberries to the watermelon puree tamed the concentrated taste. I think it is the perfect blend. Of course my children will not eat it because it has seeds in it. Figures.

No tornadoes erupted yesterday. After the heavy rains, it was still surprisingly cool enough to open the house. I took that opportunity to bake 4 loaves, 36 muffins, and 12 tiny loaves of banana bread. The muffins disappeared mysteriously as soon as they were cool enough for little hands to handle. Some day I will have to get rid of that poltergeist.

Tomato worms have invaded the garden. This is cause for panic. It's not bad enough that they are coming in {the tomatoes that is} slowly, now the ones that are, are being eaten. I can't release the chickens in the garden now, it's too late for that. Chickens will eat the tomatoes along with the horn worms.What to do? What to do. I read the if you sprinkle corn meal around the plants, the hornworms will nibble on it and explode. Sounds like a plan to me. Off I went into the deepest jungle of Kansas, sprinkling my store bought corn meal here and there and everywhere. Unsure of how much was enough.

I haven't seen a horn worm in a few months {they turn into moths in July}, nor have I seen any tiny carnage. But I do see gigantic mutant grasshoppers that with the enlisted help of the mutant rolly pollies, are eating my ripe fruit. WILL I NEVER WIN!?! Rolly Pollies are the bane of my existence. Tell your children to be nice to bugs, Don't be like Phelan. Oh yes, it's neat when you first discover that rolly pollies scream when thrown into a B-B-Q, but they will take their revenge on you later in life. Learn the lesson well children. It will save your sanity and your garden.


Julie said...

HA! Funny.

thescrappycat said...

What exactly are you doing with watermelon and strawberries? The combination sounds like a really good drink! :)

I'm sorry about the stupid worms eating your tomatoes. I don't think there's anything better than a garden-fresh tomato. I haven't had one in years.

Phelan said...

It could be a good drink. Making fruit leather aka fruit roll ups.

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