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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not a normal post

I rarely update my blog on the weekends. Various chores tend to keep me busy. Today though has been rather lazy. Actually I don't want to go outside, too hot.

I have noticed that some of the blog I link to, do blog roll calls. I think that's great! It gives visitors to your blog new insight into you, as the writer.

Every Saturday I will post a few links from my blog roll. Please take some time to check the sites out. You might find something that interests you as well.

*Insert Witty Title Here*
He writes about music. Some bands I have heard of, some I haven't. It's a good way to expand your musical tastes.

All Foods Natural
I might be a little bias, because I write for this e-zine. It is a young site, but is expanding and growing quickly. Learn new recipes, find helpful hints, and discover what it is your actually eating. Plus you can read my articles and then come back here to tell me how wonderful I am. {insert winking smiley here}

All Foods Natural Forum
Here is the place to go if you have any questions about food, recipes, or simply wish to chat about your favorite cook book. You can see that there is only a few members, but it is active. If you do have any questions or looking for something specific, ask there, and you will get personal attention. Remember that we have all made mistakes on our way to becoming an at home chef {the best kind} no question is silly, or unwelcome.

An Indian Summer
I discovered this blog through Blogathon 2006. This woman is very fun. The type that tells it like it is. Stop by, have a giggle and tell Bug, Phelan sent ya.

That's my first four. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Andrew said...

I noticed that too. That's why I did one yesterday. I also twisted a post in with it.

Bug said...

Awe! Thanks for the plug hun! *grins*

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