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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

mysterious tree-like weed

Can anyone tell me what this plant is? When it first started to grow we thought it was a volunteer gourd or melon. But it now looks tree-like.

See it has a stalk. And so for has grown 5 feet in Height.

Here is the seed pods that are growing on it. They have blossomed a yellow flower. Someone had suggested that it was a poppy plant. Yet it doesn't have that tissue like petal on it. Almost like a melon flower. The stalk and leaves feel as though they are covered in a very old and tattered velvet.Another reason I am asking is because I found this pod below in a can of store bought green beans. I wrote to the company about it and they said it was a morning glory. I have never seen a morning glory like this before. And even though the company attempted to poison me, they also attempted to shut me up with a coupon for free green beans. Like that will earn my loyalty.

edited at 8:30 am

I found it. It's called a Velvet leaf or an Indian Mallow. Doesn't seem to be dangerous. Picture below is from the K State web site.


Antof9 said...

That would freak me out to find it in a can of anything!

Sorry I can't help identify it . . .

YokoSpungeon said...

That's really pretty, I think you should make jewellery from them.

YokoSpungeon said...

"A very common weed whose seeds can remain viable in the soil for more than 50 years."

50 years!? Wow!

Laurie said...

I had these growing in my garden the last two years. I had sowed a packet of mixed sunflowers and assumed it came from those. (Maybe it did!) Thanks for identifying it - it was one of the weirder surprises I've seen in my garden.

KF-in-Georgia said...

And did you see the last item on the bulleted list?

In China, fiber from the plant has been used to make cords, thread, nets, and woven bags.

Something else to do in your spare time. < That's a joke, dear.

alrescate said...

Mystery solved! That looks familiar now...I might have some of those growing in the yard. (Mine are volunteer too.)

Phelan said...

Laurie, glad I could help.

Kf, you just have to put ideas in my head, don't you?

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