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Friday, August 11, 2006

I need to let off a little steam

As if things in the small town that I am close too weren't bad enough, Wal-mart has been allowed to buy 200 acres of farm land, just so people in the town no longer have to drive 20 minutes out of their way. It is a sad day indeed for the small business man. Tomorrow I will be going into town and spending some of my money in the locally own stores. I need more knick knacks and movies, while I am at it, I think a take out order of home made burgers from the small dinner are in order.

And why did I say "as if things weren't bad enough". Monsanto has a research facility here. You can read about Monsanto and the evil they wish to release into the world here; Ban Terminator.

~sigh~ I really wish people would understand what they are allowing into their lives.


jen said...


because you just *know* we need more urban sprawl and big box stores driving small businesses away from places.

heaven forbid people have to drive *20 miles* to wal-mart. (i have to drive 20 miles to find any sort of civilization.)

Julie said...

I hate fucking Wal-mart. After watching, "Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices", I cringe whenever anyone even mentions the place. Bastards.

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