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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pride and Teasing blogathon entry # 29

Does your extended family support your homesteading efforts? ~ Polli

My father is very proud, and extremely supportive. He told me stories about his father who use to own a 4,000 acre cattle ranch, and that my grandpa {who I have never met} was looking down on me, smiling. I am now the favorite grandchild.

My mother and her husband help out with experience. They own 120 acres. {this was acquired after I had grown} She has some experience in things. Now they live in the city due to my mother's illness. {She has lupus}

My husbands family like to tease, but I think his parents are very proud of all that we have done. My husband's brother has even bought some land, and trying his hand at cattle. But we only see him when he wants something.

6 points for polli!

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1 comment:

polli said...

Thanks for answering my question. I am proud of you too. My mom has lupus as well.

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