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Monday, July 31, 2006

The long sleep

I slept the day away Sunday. Not much got done, at least not by me. My husband finished replacing the underground fence he accidently dug up. Today have to start training the puppy to it, or we will have to get rid of her. She has killed 3 chickens. she's not getting into the pen, the chickens are getting out. We found out where {wow chickens are a lot like cats, squeeze through just about anything} and fixed it.

Today I have to do some canning {french onion soup, more green bean and corn, and butternut squash soup, and anything else I find in the garden today that needs to be canned} I also need to bake some carrot muffins and zucchini bread. And we are getting low on Wheat bread. My house is going to be very hot today.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by and helped me stay awake during the blogathon. Thank you to the people that were instant messaging me, and not getting mad when I got a little snappy by the end of it. Without you I might not have made it through the night.

I do plan on doing the Blogathon next year. It's nice to be able to make somewhat of a difference in peoples lives.

I learned some things as well. I had no idea that the definition of homesteading in Europe describes The United States HUD {Housing and Urban Development} program, rather than the back to land movement.

I also discovered that I have more friends than I thought. They kept me very busy with all of their wonderful questions and debates. And I meet some new, and wonderful people. Thank you Lynn S. For your comments on spinning. My Chainmaille is my down time, but maybe I will look into spinning after all.

And thanks to Polli, Marina found the Little House book she has been looking for.


Congrats to Polli, who won my first contest and will be getting some home grown {legal} herbs.

Congrats to One4worldpeace who won the second game and will be getting a handmade scarf from Greedyreader.

Congrats to Mallory for winning a jar of homemade sauce!

Congrats to Buffra for winning the prize of a Funnel Cake Maker!

I held a drawing for points earned, and the winners of the censored prizes are
Rubyreader and rarsberry! WOOOHOOO!

the sponsors draw: the winner is kf-in-georgia!

I will mail your prizes out this weekend.

Maybe next year I can get some grander prizes. We shall see


Bug said...

Congrats for making it through! I was so zoinked out towards the end that I could hardly stand it. But looks like we both prevailed *chuckle*

Phelan said...

I was pretty tired.

Mollie said...

Thank you! =)

Jono said...

Hey, cheers for the comment - naturally you're staying on my blogroll, I'm just gonna move everyone from the category "Blogathonners" to the all-purpose "Blogroll".

Have fun!

polli said...

I'm really excited about my prize. My 13 year old daughter wanetd me to win that one as she loves herbs and herb gardening. She is pschyed! Thansk so much for the awesome prizes.

alrescate said...

I was worried about Ya-ya when you mentioned she had killed your hen. Dogs are very hard to break of that habit...but it sounds as if you are on the right track. (Keeping the chickens and the dog from crossing paths.)

So do you want me to see if I can swing up to Laura's Missouri place and get a copy of that book for you too?

Antof9 said...

I'm not sure you need grander prizes. Those are pretty fun :)

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