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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here, or offline, Polli gets bob blogathon entry #46

I'm still here. Are you?

I got thrown offline, and blogger is taking forever to load.

only one hour left!

Polli, we will get you your funnel bob.


greedy said...

How many sleepy bloggers made it the whole 24-hours, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

How big has your largest cucumber been?
Or did you grow a super huge zucchini?

I need some sories about mammouth veggies?

greedy said...

why does blogger make me sign in every time I want to respond. Doesn't it understand that I am functionally challenged?

~ fbjjz

polli said...

I'm still here with you E.

Hang in there!

I finally figured out what your big CENSORED prize is, it's this mysterious funnel bob everyone has been talking about all night, isn't it!

bigguy said...

yeah man, stories about super huge veggies dude!!

myopicmeringue said...

I'm here. I just got back from church and wanted to check on all the blogathons! And to see if you had explained what a funnel cake is. :-)

I'm very glad rarsberry asked what 'homesteading' means, because I wasn't sure, but felt a bit embarrassed asking in case it's a common word that everyone knows except me! I even looked in my dictionary, and says it's an American term, but its definition is quite different from yours. It says it's about living in a derilict house and then doing it up, subsidised by government grants.

Anyway, congratulations on keeping awake and keeping this journal going!

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