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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Funnel Bob's giddy blogathon entry #42

Buffra, please tell me your are sending me bobbarama's address for that funnel cake maker. He's begging for it now!

HAHAHA! Don't mess with a giddy gal bob! 20 points for making me laugh!


rarsberry said...

I know I shouldn't say this, it will only help to make you sleepy!!
But I'm sitting here yawning, so I'm off to bed.
You have done a great job, you will easily make it to the end.
Your posts have been fun to read, and I have learnt stuff also.
Yay for your charity and to the 3 winners. :o)

polli said...

I'll take one funnel bob please!

bobbarama said...

July 30, 2006

Re: Funnel Cake Contest

Dear Mrs. Phelan

My client bobbarama has just informed me that you appear to be giving him points he has not earned. He has described this little contest of yours as a "contest where there are no winners, only losers."

He apparently does not like nor want a funnel cake. He would be willing to negotiate for another prize ... a Boston Cream Pie, for example ... should he be unfortunate enough to win.

Please respond ASAP or I will be forced to file a cease and desist order against your 'awarding of points' on his behalf.

Thank you.

Atty Antonia Scalia

Anonymous said...

I can't help! I don't have the address!!


-- buffra

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