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Saturday, July 29, 2006

blogathon game trying to earn me some more money

From the Blogathon home site:


  1. Play the I AM game! Google your name followed by "is", and post the first several results to your blog.
  2. Send a permalink (or your URL if you don't have perms) to with the subject line GAME 2.
  3. You have 30 minutes to post and send!

The winner gets a $5 sponsorship.

is an elegant
St-Est├Ęphe in a commune with few

Phelan is Professor Emeritus

Dr. Phelan is one of only 250 dentists worldwide to have received Accredited

Professor Phelan is also Professor of Museum Science

Phelan is hoping to take advantage of a new rule implemented

Phelan is less interested in conjuring present objects

Phelan is one of the reasons that college coaching is the great

Phelan is an inspiration to so many people and he represented all that

How come mine are never that funny?


Anonymous said...

... and I just bought 2 summer reading books thru your link. Ain't I special?

Phelan said...

you are, and I lurve you for it :D

Marina said...

"Phelan is less interested in conjuring present objects"

well, I think this one's a hoot

Anonymous said...

too late for the game,
but I think this is a good idea.
Are you one of the 4 out of 5 dentists that chew gum? :)

oh an you are an inspiration to many!


Anonymous said...

hey its not so bad. you're a professor and a dentist in an intimate commune and the inspiration of many by coaching not conjuring present objects.
works for me. :)


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